Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Celebrating With My Girl

Every once in a blue moon I get to celebrate their birthday with one of our children. Last Friday was such a day. Jennifer is actually having her thirty something birthday today, but on Friday Jim took care of the kids in the morning so we could have some time alone. A rare deal, a big deal, a wonderful deal!

I think a mom and a child should be together for at least part of that special day, don't you? Not leaving the dads out in anyway, just sayin'! In fact, I have always said because of the birthing experience alone...that the mom should get the present on the kid's birthday and that is exactly what happened to me on this past Friday. I was gifted with 'one on one time' with my girl. Of course the time flew by and wasn't long enough, but it was so special all the same. Thanks Jimbob!

The first thing we did was go to Room With A Past. Jen had never been there before and totally loved it.

The shopkeepers with their bonnets!
Photos courtesy of their blog.

A sampling of the things they had for sale.
I loved this and the sentiment on it...
"I cannot forget my mother. She is my bridge.
When I needed to get across
She steadied herself long enough for
me to run across safely."

Things for Mother's Day, Easter,
Any Day really!

Maureen came with us and we bought a bunch of cute stuff between the three of us. Jen bought a really nice white chair for her dining table in her kitchen. She collects them and they are all different. Maureen and I have been collecting some cute nests for spring time decorating.

This is what I found!

I love the vintage silver goblet that is holding the nest
and the earth tone, natural looking eggs.
When Easter is past they can still stay out.
Because they are not pastels and
Easter is never really over in this home anyway!

And this about the size of a poached egg!

After that we dropped Maureen off and Jen and I went to Cost Plus World Market to buy her some things for her birthday. She wanted some square appetizer plates just like the ones below. We got 12 and some ramekins she had been needing. Earlier in the week I got her a new blouse and a nice necklace she wanted.

We were moving at a pretty good clip and now had to get to our luncheon as Jen was leaving at 1:15 to meet her BYU roommate Susan for a trip to the Oakland zoo with the girls and Susan's baby, Maddie.

I chose Toscana's for lunch. It is my new favorite restaurant nearby. I had been here a few weeks ago with some special friends and it was delightful. Sitting outside this time made it even better. It was a perfect day. We had some great salads for lunch and enjoyed our solitude. It had been a very busy week. It is usually a lot more crowded but we arrived early so pretty much had the place to ourselves. We welcomed that.

Beautiful clouds!
And we had dessert,
a rarity but it was a special occasion!

After this we rushed off to the store to pick up some last minute things for our BBQ with Steve and Emily that evening, then Jen and the kids left for Oakland, I had a hair appointment and Jim went to the dentist. Crazy crazy busy~but fun day.

So Happy Birthday, Miss Jen! We enjoyed having you here so much, we miss you all now and wish it could have gone on longer. Love you with all of our hearts, enjoy your special day! Here's a Blast From Your Past!


laura.elizabeth said...

Awesome fun! I agree that Moms should be with their babies on their birthday. Husbands too for that matter. It has been WAY to many years since I spent my birthday with either of you!!