Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hoppy Easter, Bunny!

Today we had a church activity for Easter. The committee prepared a very nice pancake breakfast and we and all gathered for that and a nice Easter Program. After that all the kids had an opportunity to have their photos taken with the Easter Bunny before the Easter Egg Hunt to be held outside on the grass.

Jim and I did not eat,
but while everyone else was
doing that....
We were doing this........

Now I have been to a lot of pancake breakfasts and
Easter programs in my day but today I learned and did a bunch
of things for the very first time..

For one thing...I never knew I was married to the Easter Bunny but..... apparently, I am! He is quite sneaky when he is out delivering the baskets! I caught him red-handed jumping into the suit. Just like Lois and Super Man, I guess.
I have never helped a grown man
into an Easter Bunny Suit!

I have never been in the men's restroom
during a church activity before!

And I most certainly have never had my picture taken
in one with the Easter Bunny!

Now you know one of the reasons Jim is loved in the church.

He is a man that never says no to any request for service.
I do admire that in him don't you?

It was all worth it to see the smiles on these little faces!

Along with the ones that were not too sure
or were down right terrorized!

These are not them...
They are the ones screaming bloody murder
in the background and no where near
the gianormous rabbit.

Oh, and just for the record, Will, you
are scaring me bad here!

But you're scarin' The Easter Bunny more! LOL!!

Happy Easter from our hutch to yours!


Julie Harward said...

LOL What a great guy...and I thought that bunny looked a bit cozy with you! ;D

Mommy said...

We <3 the mattsons!!! Thanks for the service, Jim and bonnie;)

Nellie's Cozy place said...

HI Bonnie,
I am on my way to bed but just had
to write to my online buddy and say
Happy Easter Hon,
Hope yall have a wonderful
Resurrection day tomorrow.

and Jim made the cutest Easter Bunny.
That was a very cute post.
Also liked your video link to about Easter, very good!

Am assuming Jen and the girls all got home safe and sound. Know you are missing them!!
Will pray you get some sleep tonight too, it is miserable when you are very tired and can't sleep.
Love ya Sister....

LA Adams said...

This is way too hilarious! I love it. I don't think I've seen an Easter Bunny anwhere other than the Mall a few times. I've got to get on the stick and really experience life! Happy Easter to you and the Bunny!

Marie said...

Happy Easter Bonnie and Jim! I always got the sense that Jim was a real treasure, now I know it to be true!! How wonderful! Easter Blessings to you both on this wonderful day and lots of love! xxoo

margaret said...

Christ is Risen! (The Russians say, "Christos voskrese!" and the Greeks say, "Christos anesti!" and in English it becomes "Christ is risen!" which is what we are all going about saying to each other today taking wild guesses at which language to use!)

I guess it's true what they say about a happy marriage being full of surprises... congratulations to Jim for having kept his secret this long!

@ Marie - Easter Bonnie? lol

Caroline Craven said...

I love that your ward did that. We can't even have Santa at our ward christmas parties, which I think is rather lame. I see that Addie is home now. Good. That part of the world she was visiting it heating up too much and if I were Timme, I would have been worried.

Caroline Craven said...

Oh, me again. I forgot to mention how great that Bunny is. We always knew he was just a warm fuzzy kind of guy!!!