Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Chandeliers For Sale

And I'm having one of them! I have been wanting one ever since I helped my friend redesign her bedroom (featured in this article I wrote for Blissfully Domestic at the time.)

If you just clicked on the link, you know why I have been coveting. Well, not really coveting, just borrowing her idea and fabulous vision! Thanks, to you my good friend! I have been searching and searching for just the right chandelier for our bedroom so we can take down the OUTDATED ceiling fan.

The ceiling fan has never been a good idea, as Jim does not like it on while we are sleeping and we are never in the bedroom any other time really. So in a word, it's not only outdated but...pointless. So it will be going on craigslist for sale soon. I have looked and looked and this week I found the perfect chandelier!

Here it is without its lamp shades,
and here it is with them..

{{All Prim and Proper}}

I think it will be awesome with our winter white and brass wrought iron bed and I am so excited about it. I love it because it is not stuffy or too formal, it is whimsical and airy and only 18 inches wide and long~ perfecto for over a bed. It will go great with our sparkly cottage decor! Yay!

I have looked at many, many chandeliers over the past months and they do not have to cost an arm and a leg. You can find very pretty ones for the cost of a ceiling fan if you look and do your research. Decorating has far less to do with spending money than using your creativity.

Cannot wait to get it. It should arrive around Mother's Day so I am designating it my official gift from Jim! LOL! Lucky guy, now he doesn't have to even think about it! ( He did the same thing with something he just bought for the yard and Father's Day!) Do you and your spouse do this? Sure makes life easier and the get what you actually want.

This lamp will add just the element of surprise and romance to the master and will be the first thing I see each morning when I open my eyes and look up! We need to make our bedrooms special....a quiet and pretty place, a place of refuge, just for you or you and your spouse to begin and end your days.

So if you don't have a spouse, do it for yourself, you deserve a pretty place too because it can sometimes get pretty ugly out there in the world. Being married or single has absolutely nothing to do with it.

Beauty, order, cleanliness and a bit of ambiance can bring comfort and peace into your life. Who does not need, want and seek that? This is just one way to shape your environment to achieve it. How do you create a special bedroom and oasis for yourself or you and your beloved? I would love to hear your ideas.

The number one thing I would tell my clients...your bedroom should not be a storage area. Removing the gun cabinets, piles of this and that, etc...will make all the difference. Be conscious of what cues in your environment produce a restful, tranquil feeling.

Then add the elements of color, accessories, fabric and lighting...that you enjoy. Next personalize it. A perfect example is family photos. It is the perfect place to display them. Who else loves those darling kids and grandkids like the two of you?

Or how about some photos of some romantic vacations you have taken? Or perhaps something that displays your fun hobbies or a portrait of you and your pet? I like a beautiful picture of the Savior in our room, or perhaps a photo of the Temple or the church you attend or a wedding picture? The sky is the limit on what you can do to make it inviting, special and uniquely yours. Your dreams, your aspirations, your life, you...that is what your bedroom should be all about. Is it?


Julie Harward said...

Love the chani...I don't like a fan over my bed, I have a beautiful chani that we adore! ;D

Caroline Craven said...

I love your chandelier! (I think I spelled that correctly, but won't bet me life on it). For some reason, I can't make my bedroom the oasis I would love it to be. I think the problem is the TV. Because we don't have a place to sit, except on the bed, my bed always looks like 40 people jumped on it for hours on end. I like my bed to look pristine and it never does. I would love to get rid of the tv, but that is where Kent loves to watch golf. Lay on the bed and watch golf. Ugh! I knkow there is a way around this issue so both of us are satisfied, but I sure don't know what it is. And no, a chair won't due because he loves to lounge, not just sit, while relaxing and watching golf!!!