Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Best Of Times

Our Grandparenting Mission Statement:
  1. Enriching the lives of our grandchildren by spending time together.
  2. Giving our best energy and united efforts to help them in all things.
  3. Loving them unconditionally always.
  4. Supporting their parents in all their purposes.
  5. Sharing our testimonies of the Gospel of Jesus Christ with all of them.
This beautiful paper doll portrait of Gramma & Grampa was made by Julia Mae!
Quite a resemblence, don't you think?


Laura said...

Love Julia's picture. It reminds me of the magazine picture of Jen & Lowell!!!

The Christensons said...

too cute, i see jen's creativity is going down the line!

Miss Jen said...

Julia made these? They are dang cute. I love the added sparkles.

On a grandparent side note, dad was telling me yesterday that he was thinking about getting a new shirt...? Hmmmmm, is that his valentine to you?

Bonnie said...

Yes, Jewels made it and Yes, a new shirt would be a gift! Awesome in fact.

laura.elizabeth said...

I love the added sparkles, TEACH ME SLIDE.COM MASTER! I love the paper dolls- they are priceless and your grand parenting objectives are amazing- every grand kid should be so lucky.