Sunday, February 10, 2008

Zach Attack!

Meet Zachary James. This little guy is so sweet and adorable his smile alone could melt a glacier! I have no idea how he got the nickname of "Zach Attack", but it does remind me of something he did when he was very little, just barely running in fact. Zach is our 4th born of five grandsons. Zachary will be 4 at the end of May.

Right after he was born Chris and Missy and their family moved to China for 14 months. It was so hard to have them gone but during that time Zach had some medical problems that needed to be treated in Dallas, Texas. So Missy and the children came back to the states for a few months and we did get to see them, so that was good. Jim also got to see him as a baby when he traveled to China for a visit.

Finally they returned to Provo after their adventures in Asia and it was great to see them on a more regular basis. One time we were all going to have dinner shortly after their return to the US at The Cracker Barrel in Springville. We cannot all fit in one car and so we met there. We happened to arrive a few minutes before Chris and Missy and the kids. I think that was when I got my first Zach Attack. He wasn't even talking then but as I said, he sure could run. The minute he got out of the car and saw me he took off running and crashed right into my knees with the biggest hug and smile you'd ever hope to see.

Two things impressed me about, what grandmother's heart wouldn't melt with such a sweet and enthusiastic greeting and two, that he even knew me enough to want to give me that Zack Attack!

Zack has continued to be so loving and sweet in all he does. One time he was bugging Chris for most of the day to call Gramma. Finally the time came and Chris called. As he was handing the phone to Zack, he said, "Here's our little guy!" Zack got so upset and burst into tears because his Daddy called him a "little" guy and he was already a "big brother" to he couldn't utter a word on the phone. What a tender little heart. Poor Chris, he felt so bad but, it left a special heart print on this grandmother.

Two Big Brothers now, Daddy! Conner & Me!

Daddy and his BIG BOY!

Zack was our bedmate for part of our last visit. There is nothing quite like snuggling with a grandchild in the middle of the night to cement your bond. Zack can attack me and Grampa anytime!


Miss Jen said...

Love Zach! He does have a tender, sweet personality. I'm afraid Chloe has pent a better part of the last year or so torturing him! Sorry Zach! We love you!

It Does Not Get Any Better Than This said...

I love you Zachary James!!! You are destined for GREAT things!

Gail Victoria said...

I love this little boy!!! He has the most beautiful smile. I might have to take a bite out of him when I next get a-hold of him!

Bonnie said...

You are right, Gail, he is a sweetheart. he is jsut so endearing and lovable!