Monday, February 4, 2008

Super Bowl Sunday 2008

We feel so blessed to live near my brothers. We all seem to have such busy schedules but we do try to get together several different times each year. One of the things that has become a tradition is Super Bowl Sunday.

This is a really fun time as it is just the six of us and it seems we can actually talk more than when we are in a huge family gathering. The older Jim and I get, the more important these times seem to be for us. We love being together.

Both Steve and Gary have married awesome women..I adore my sisters-in law. In fact I do not care for the "in-law" terminology at all. To me they are plainly my sisters and my brothers are Jim's brothers too. Having Steve and Emily right here with us in the same town is awesome and Gar and Mar are only 45 minutes away in Napa.
As for the football game, Jim and I never even know who is playing until we arrive. We don't care really. It is just an excuse to get together with our family. Truth be known, Marilyn and Emily are not big fans either. We women tough it out for a few plays and then go into another room and gab while the guys get crazy hootin' and hollerin' and doing the 'guy thing!'

One of the best parts of the whole thing has to be the crazy commercials. Steve said these advertisers pay 2.5 million dollars for a commercial spot during the Super Bowl. All the hoopala actually quite escapes me, but it is just a fun time to be with them all. As football goes, they all said this was an exciting game. With one bro pulling for the Giants and one for the Patriots...someone was cheering the whole time.

Meanwhile, Marilyn was preparing the most fabulous lasagna in the kitchen and we had a great time catching up on family happenings. She is truly a gourmet cook. One time she cooked something different each day for over two years until she just got tired of it. Geesh! Poor Jim, is all I can say! Although I love cooking..a huge variety like that is not necessarily my forte!This is Emily carrying food to the table. Love her new short curly hair! The dinner was very fun and delicious. We had some rather strange and funny "pet" conversations during dinner! Don't worry, Gar, I won't tell all here! We also discussed Italy as they have all been there and had some great tips for us. A SUPER time was had by all and all too soon we were heading home to prepare for a new week.


Laura said...

What fun! I also have no interest in games, but love any excuse for a get-together!!! That lasagna sure looks tasty. And yes, Todd is the one who has lost over 100 lbs. His wife Jen is also within 5 pounds of her goal weight! They are WW inspirations. His whole family is and has been doing weight watchers! Jen and Hazel are in our prayers!!!!!!

James said...

We had such a good time, as we always do, with our family. Gary and Marilyn have a beautiful home in Napa...very spacious, comfortable and all together welcoming. This year marks our third or fourth year of Super-Bowl get togethers. The game this year was actually exciting...they really fought it out down to the last few seconds. The only problem is that I have to keep explaining the subtleties of the game to my two spit of this a good time was had by all.
See you next year,

laura.elizabeth said...

Wow, I love it! I look forward to those kinds of times with my brothers and sisters.