Friday, February 8, 2008

Our Town in February

Well after these last few posts I thought it was time to lighten the load a bit. So I want to share a few photos I took yesterday to just show you how pretty it is here in CA right now. I have always wanted to take pictures here during February. I am not even curious as to why I haven't...we didn't need more photos stuck in a box somewhere. But now that I am a avid blogger..I take my camera with me all the time. It makes one more aware of the beauty all around. We are just about to see the tulip trees, almonds with their white blossoms and the plums with their pink blossoms emerge. I will definitely photograph our "popcorn popping" for you in the next few weeks.

We have a landscape engineer in our town that is a woman. She has made such huge improvements in all the public areas of the city. We have some of the prettiest medians I have ever seen on our streets. I will be including more photos of these spectacular displays in the next few weeks.

This is just a little flower patch I saw yesterday and the colors were so brilliant.

Tulips that rival Holland! They were absolutely breathtaking yesterday. These I found in a shopping area in an upscale neighboring town where I was "working" on a mantle project for my friend and client. It was hard to go in the stores it was So Beautiful Outside! That says a lot about the beauty of it doesn't it, Jen and Laura Lou?

This is one of my favorite vista points in our area. I go here every year in the winter/early spring when the rains make the hillsides look like green velvet. This is one gorgeous and peaceful place.

This post is especially for Vanessa, my friend from Utah who posted this on her blog a few days ago. Vanessa, I just wanted you know that the storm you are facing through the window to your yard and the one you are facing through the window to your heart with Nate, will soon find its spring!


laura.elizabeth said...

Breath taking Mom! I love it! Northern California really is a beautiful place, I miss it there. I remember last year driving to your house from Mountain View about this time of year in the early morning. I twas so beautiful it often made me cry! Thanks for sharing the photos and keep them coming!

Christensons said...

Oh those are beautiful! really makes me sooo want to be back in california! thank you for bringing sunshine to my neck of the woods even if it's through my computer! love it! and no i don't mind you using my dreary wintery picture!

Deanna Munoz said...

Those photo's are SO beautiful!!! I loved them. I love the colors of those flowers..incredible!!!

Miss Jen said...

These are really lovely! It's making me homesick-especially since there is a 6 foot pile of snow at the bottom of my driveway!