Friday, February 29, 2008

Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree

Well, actually they are plum trees, tulip trees and something with white flowers..some say they are almonds. I do see a lot of nuts around here but not that kind! It is just breathtakingly beautiful here ~that is all I know. It is the kind of day when being inside feels stuffy. I think it will be a great weekend. I hope it is beautiful wherever you are!

This must be what inspired the Blue and Pink craze of the 80's!

A beautiful spot on our street. I loved the way the
light was filtering through the greenery and blossoms.

This is a tulip tree that I have wanted to photograph for years. It is very hard to do because although it is one of the most gorgeous trees in our town the house beneath it is pretty lame. There must be 8 cars parked in front and along the side all the time. Because of that it is nearly impossible to get a good angle. But I love it and it is only in bloom a few weeks each year. It is not completely popped out yet so maybe I will try again in a few days. The hills are all so velvety green and it is definitely "eye candy time" here in CA. And the women are stripping already. That is CA for ya. Bare midriffs, tube tops, shorts, and of course flip flops abound.


The Christensons said...

i wore my flip flops today too, it was awsome weather, but we are all still brown and grey over here! beautiful pictures! can't wait to see your dream house too!

Miss Jen said...

It's been much nicer here too but it always does this in the spring, it gives you a big tease and then takes it back and gives you SNOW!

laura.elizabeth said...

Beautiful Mom. Spring has sprung here too- there are blossoms everywhere. I love it!