Saturday, February 9, 2008

Scary Benchmark

I have to admit, I so did not see this one coming! Yikes!

Last night we went to one of our recent favorite discoveries, Panda Express, for dinner. I know it takes us a while~ if it wasn't for Christopher taking me there in Provo we still wouldn't know about it. We give their side dish chow mein & orange chicken 5 stars.

So anyway, after we come home I find this little pile of goodies on our kitchen counter. Jim-Bob! To me this is a very "elderly" thing to do! Every little old person I have known well gets into this kind of stuff when they hit a certain benchmark in their lives. With Jim's great great aunt, Lala Angie, it was tying white string around lots of little boxes of things she might need someday. With Grampa Andrew, it was painting everything in the garage and yard "Grandpa Green". With my mother it was saving all the little salt and pepper packets from her trays at Stonebrook until her night stand drawer was overflowing. You get the idea. When I teased him about it he said, "Whhaaattt? They were going to throw it away...and I should have brought home the extra chops sticks too!" Seriously, I am going to save them for him and when we go back he can use them, including the toothpick! It is not like we don't have a giant bottle of soy sauce at home or any mustard...Hello!

Now don't get me wrong..this is my disclaimer here: I am all for thrift, economizing, recycling, green peace and the like but this just tickled me because it was a real crossing over for him and me...I am married to an old guy! Geesh!


Christensons said...

ha! i guess i must be old at heart cause i collect plastic bags, jake makes fun of me that when i die our kids and grandkids are going to go through the house and yell "i found some more stuffed over here!!!" ;)

Miss Jen said...

ahhhhhh...the old folks! That's you guys!

What are you going to start doing mom? Saving tin foil? Reusing tea bags? Rinsing and reusing your ziplocks?? Can't wait to find out! I'm sure dad will rat you out now!

It Does Not Get Any Better Than This said...

The truth be known, I have always "collected" good stuff...this is just the first time she has caught me at it!