Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Heart Strings

Well, Valentine's Days is coming soon and I decided to do my post early about my Sweetheart. What do you say about the 44 years you have spent with the same person? We met when we were in high school and honestly I do not know where he ends and I begin. I cannot even imagine my life without him.
I carried this photo in my wallet for years! Just a BOY!!

Meet Jim, aka, James P. and Jim Bob, and sometimes James Robert when appropriate. Even though his real name is James Philip I have called him Jim-Bob since the Walton Days. Remember when they use to say goodnight to the whole family at the end of each show? Well, one of the boys was named Jim-Bob. It is funny how nicknames get started. He has had his share of funny ones for me too...but then that is for him to blog about!

The above picture is one he likes. I know that he likes it because it depicts a fun moment in time for him when he was helping Chris and Missy build their new bathroom last year. Jim is the quintessential worker bee. The harder he is working the happier he is. If he is helping someone that is an even bigger bonus in his book. Helping our kids is downright celestial for him. His abilities to work and get things done quickly, far exceed anyone I have ever known. If there is something to be done, 99.9 % of the time he knows how. If he doesn't he learns. Jim has an incredible will, if he sets his mind upon doing something..it is done! He has been an incredible spouse in this regard. We have rarely paid a repair man for anything. He is very helpful around the house, in the kitchen, and with our business. He has always loved his profession as a teacher and I know he has given his very best to every student he has ever had. Some of them still call him on a regular basis, 25 years after the fact. He is almost always eager to get up and go to work each day. He is not a complainer. He never seems to tire of it and for this any wife would be grateful. He has been and continues to be wonderful provider.

As a member of the Church he has been an example to many. Whenever there is something to be done, Jim is the first guy there. He has not been a counselor to four or five bishops by happenstance. He is a thoughtful and strong leader, he is dependable and diligent, and a self-starter and he believes in a team effort to accomplish things. He has an incredible testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ and His church. This is truly the bedrock of our lives and relationship. He is a loyal and compassionate friend to many and wise in his advice. Jim is a total people person and is energized by his dealings with others. He is a lover of life and pursues it with gusto.

Jim is a wonderful family member. He is an amazing son, visiting his mom several times a week and is always there to help her with whatever she needs. He has always been great to my parents and brothers. He is a fabulous father and grandfather and very involved with the kids, their interests, and their lives. He is a good husband and shares his love and appreciation for me and the things I do often. One interesting thing about Jim is that I have never met a baby, child or young adult that does not love him. He is a regular kid magnet!

Jim Bob is an avid biker and has a very adventuresome spirit. He loves anything that challenges him and makes him grow. In his younger years he ran all the time and rarely missed a day because of the discipline he has in his pursuits. I feel one of the keys to his success in so many areas is his consistency. He loves to travel, camp, hike, and does just about everything with a rare passion. He is a perpetual student of life and is always learning new things. He has the gift of gab and and can converse with just about anyone on just about any topic that interests THEM in an intelligent and informed manner.

He truly is my "Renaissance Man." Lest you think he is totally perfect, I will say that he has a very hard time relaxing and kicking back occasionally. He is a guy that views sleeping as relaxing and the rest of the time he is busy busy busy. I do not know anyone that can keep up the pace he does. No matter how hard I work I always feel lazy next to him. We have had many wonderful times together and I look forward to many more. We have many things in common and many things about us are very different. I feel like over these many years that has been an asset. If we were exactly alike, one of us would not be necessary. We have shared many important things that have molded and shaped us since we were teenagers. Sometimes it has been like The Mad Hatter's Wild Ride and other times like a lazy afternoon breeze. We have shared life; the good times, the bad times the exciting and boring times and everything in between. Too me JIM IS MY LOVE and LIFE in all its varied facets. It has been a great journey, bumps included; Babe...Happy Valentine's Day! Love You Forever!


Miss Jen said...

Aaaaw! Sweet! You guys are the ultimate Valentines! Love you both.

I hope to be blogging from home in the next 24 hours or so!

laura.elizabeth said...

I love it mom, this is perfect. The pictures are fantastic and of course every thing you said is a hundred percent true.
I am taking a parenting class right now and yesterday as part of our lesson we were asked to share a little bit about our parents and how their relationship affect us. I felt so blessed to be able to say that my parents are still married, that they love and are committed to each other, and that they created a childhood for me that has blessed me every day since. I think I was the only one in the entire class that felt that way.

I love you guys, you are the best!

James said...

I gotta meet this guy!!!

I love you Bon_Bon...you are the ice cream in my bowl and our kids are the cherries on the top. I am blessed.

Well...I gotta get back to work.

I love you,