Monday, February 18, 2008

The Importance of One on One!

Today Jim and I spent the entire day together with no interruptions. I cannot remember the last time that happened without leaving the state. It was such a reminder to us of how important that is for couples, no matter how long you have been married. We spent the day thinking about and planning for our Italian vacation. Laura was great and sent us a basic itinerary and that was a fabulous springboard for us. The travel books that were resembling phone directories to me
now have been pared down by eliminating all the places we are not going. Now that I know what we don't have to investigate the task at hand seems much less daunting.

The day started out by sleeping in until 8:00 am which for us is four extra hours of sleep! Pure heaven! We got up and intended to go to the Clayton Library and work, take a little stroll on the walking path there and take some photos with our new camera, and then go to lunch and work some more on the trip plans. Well, funny but the library was closed so we thought problem, we'll go the the LDS Institute or DVC...both closed. That left Barnes and Noble or Mt. Diablo Hospital Cafeteria! Hmmm..we decided on our very own B&B~Home. On the way home we thought we'd swing by AAA for some maps and brochures..closed. OK, then the travel agent's office, you guessed it...closed. Everyone deserves a holiday so that was fine and home we went with an oath that we would not answer the phone or door no matter what!

We finally went to lunch at 2:00 and all I can say is if you truly are what you eat, I will soon be married to a Panda Bear. (Jim's new passion..Panda Express)
The rest of the afternoon was just great and we accomplished so much. We are a lot closer to packing our bags than we were 24 hours ago. It feels so good to be finally getting it all organized. It was super day all around. I hope yours was too! Take time for a one on one day with your spouse, it is wonderful reminder of the great person you married and why.


Lanette said...

I want to go to Italy! The planning seems like a lovely vacation - they say anticipation is half the fun!

Deanna Munoz said...

That is so true! We did that very thing on Valentine's Day. Christian has been so busy with work and studying that he doesn't always have a lot of time for "us" time, was such a great treat to get him ALL DAY with NO interuptions. Glad you guys had a fabulous day, you deserve it...especially if 4 A.M IS YOUR NORMAL wake up time!! YIKES! LOL!
Love you guys!

Miss Jen said...

Hey-sounds like a fun day!

We had a super fun day with the kids. We actually went out to eat and we were only a minor spectacle. We went shopping a little and took a long walk. We ended with a movie: "Enchanted" which was surprisingly good. Chloe and Hazel had had it by the end of the day but the big girls were thrilled. Lowell was a pretty good sport and even found 4 or 5 pairs of new pants in our travels. That right there is enough to make the day nothing short of miraculous.

I also 'ran into' Jo Schaffer (formerly Seable) on the blog. I saw that you have added her blog-she has another one too. On that one I discovered that we have a lot in common including location and special needs kids. I am thrilled to have found a person I know that is a bit farther down the special needs path than I am. I feel like I am really floundering the last few weeks so I'm excited to talk to her. Her boy is 2 and has some similar challenges to Hazel.

Anyway, I should just call you but I am waiting for the doctor to call so I need to keep the line open. I'll call you tonight.