Thursday, February 21, 2008

Cinderfella Story For Paul Potts

If you have not seen this uTube video I highly recommend it for that feel good experience of the day. This video is guaranteed to warm your heart and lift you up. Now I have another reason to be happy I have Welsh ancestry! Awesome folks! Thanks, Jen, for making me aware of this great man and his story.

I bought this album from Itunes, it is great!
Sold over 2,000,000,000 already

If you want to see more about his story click here.

Some of the videos are timed out but keep going to the end, there are several worth seeing near the end of the list.

Just think what would have happened if he hadn't taken that one chance! What a perfect name for his album Are you hiding a God given talent that could bring this kind of blessing to your world? I hope not!

Bravo, Paul!


Miss Jen said...

I love this guy! He is such an underdog and I love it when the underdog wins! Let us not forget his amazing voice. My favorite of all of these is his audition video. I love that song he did and he just wowed everyone! Amazing!

Lanette said...

I love this story! I weep whenever i hear him sing because his voice is beautiful and because it makes me realize that everyone has gifts to give to the world whether it's nationally televised or in our own little circle.

laura.elizabeth said...

Wow- what an inspiration! Thanks for sharing. I love that he was willing to take a chance and that everyone responded in such a positive way. What a blessing his story is and can be to all of us.