Friday, February 1, 2008

Aynslee and Her Snowman

Missy sent me these cute photos of Aynslee's first winterland masterpiece~her first snowman. I am amazed what a great job she did considering how tiny she is and how big this snowman is by comparison. Having never lived in snow or made a snowman of my own I am so happy that she has had this opportunity to set a goal, work hard and attain it on her own at the age of five. I can only imagine she was freezing and pretty wet by the time she accomplished it. I think it says a lot about her character, her tenacity, and her ability to follow through. Missy said it took her a long time and a lot of work to complete this guy. Grampa and Gramma are very proud of you, Miss Anyslee!
Thank you Missy for sharing this with us. We love you, Princess Anyslee! Good job!


Deanna Munoz said...

So cute! I really do miss the snow.
Hope you guys are staying warm!
love ya!

Miss Jen said...

very cute, I love this little niece, she is so sweet and spicy just like my Julia.