Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Laura's Look-Alike Meter

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Miss Jen said...

Hey I tried to get on and try these but it doesn't like the mac and I can't get it to upload the photos. Sorry!

The Christensons said...

hey these are kind of fun!
i posted a few posts on laura's blog, i told her if she's anything like jen and you, then she must be wonderful! gosh i miss seeing jen all the time! but this is so great to be in touch with so many women who are all amazing in their own ways! i love blogging! i will put laura's link to mine, and you call her lou lou? i'll do that too, cause then it wont be confusing as to which laura... gosh i love your family!

Bonnie said...

Hi Vanessa,

I am glad you and Laura have connected. We normally call her Laura or Laura Lou, or Lou Lou. She got the nickname when she was little from a friend who couldn't say Laura and for some weird reason it stuck. We have just used it on the Blog because she is also a Laura W. so it was to differentiate between our two lovely Lauras. We sure love your family too, Vanessa..I too love blogging. I look forward to your posts always. Hugs, B