Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

It is Valentine's Day!

Dad & I want to wish all of our family a Happy Day. Enjoy knowing that you are loved unconditionally by both of us. You have made us so happy from the get-go! Thank you for being you!

Laura and Robert, Rossie and Spencer, enjoy your day in Italy!

Missy and Chris, Owen, Zach, Aynslee and Connor enjoy your day in the snow!

Lowell and Jennifer, Chloe, Julia, Piper and Baby Hazel~have fun!

To our extended family...we love you and wish you the best of days.

And to our favorite friends...keep feelin' the love!

Love truly can and does change everything!

* Posted this early for our Italian Family Members!


Miss Jen said...

Hope it's a good day over there! love from the Stewarts