Monday, February 25, 2008


I received this post from a friend in Utah and now I am supposed to answer the following questions and tag four people. Ok I go...!

10 years ago I was: Recovering from three kid's weddings in four months, coping with a totally empty nest, anticipating a frightening hysterectomy and wondering how we could possibly be 50! I was also enjoying rearranging and re-purposing all of our rooms and enjoying being with just my hubby after 26 years of childrearing.

5 Things on my To Do List for Today:

Client Consultation
Grocery Shopping and Food Planning for the Week.
Weekend Laundry and Clean-up
Organize Bathroom Closet
Go for a Walk

6 Things I'd Do If I Became A Billionaire:
Pay off the houses of family members including siblings, etc.
Set up College Tuition Funds for all the grandkids
Get Hazel all set up with whatever equipment she will ever need and contribute to SB Research.
Contribute to the Missionary and Perpetual Education Fund of the Church.
Travel extensively with Jim and the whole family occasionally
Build him the biggest fanciest shop he could ever imagine in our fabulous new dream house.

3 Bad Habits:
Blogging when I should be working on my To Do List
Putting off exercising and not going to the doctor like I should.
Not getting enough sleep.

5 Places I Have Lived:
Sacramento, CA
San Francisco, CA
Las Vegas, NV
Pleasant Hill, CA
Concord, CA

5 Jobs I have Had
Interior Decorating Business Owner*****
Oral Surgery Admin. & Assisting*
Designing for Anitque Store****
Lamaze Teacher*****
Chinese Kitchen Worker (Ugh!) -*

Things Most People Don't Know About Me:
I would love to work in theater. I love everything about theater.
Being social is very hard work for me. I am a home body.
I will do just about anything for a foot massage.

OK...I am tagging:
Lou Lou


Miss Jen said...

Fun! I was tagged to so check mine out!

mandy* said...

I didn't know you were a Lamaze teacher!!!! That sounds like fun!