Wednesday, February 6, 2008


I have been reading this book off and on for sometime along with Kite Runner. I seem to be just behind all of you on these books but I am plugging along. I think that the problem I have is keeping the books by our bed and the minute my head hits the pillow I start to fall asleep. A page or two per night does not make for a fast read!

I found this book very interesting on many levels but there are some fun quotes out of it that I wanted to remember and share. The author Elizabeth Gilbert has divided her true story into three sections, thus the title. After a very messy and painful divorce and then another unhealthy relationship on the rebound that produced lots of additional anguish, she finds herself taking off for a trip to Italy, then India, then Indonesia in an attempt to recover her "self" and to find happiness again. This part seems a little fictitious, or at least quite idealistic. How many of us have the opportunity to just take off on a year's vacation when enveloped in suffering? But nonetheless, it is her story and she should know it. So this is a quote from the Italy part where she apparently learned to Eat.

Speaking of a guy she meets..."He is Neapolitan and he gave me the name of a pizzeria in Naples that I had to try because, Giovanni informed me, it sold the best pizza in Naples. I had found this a wildly exciting prospect, given that the best pizza in the Italy is in Naples, and the best pizza in the world is in Italy, which means this pizzeria must offer .....I am almost too superstitious to say it...the best pizza in the world? Giovanni passed along the name of the place, Pizzeria da Michele, with such seriousness and intensity, I almost felt I had been inducted into a secret society. He pressed the address into the palm of my hand and said, in the gravest confidence, "Please go to this pizzeria. Order the magherita pizza with double mozzarella. If you do not eat this pizza when you are Naples, please lie to me later and tell me that you did."

Now what I love about this quote is that we are going to Naples in a few short weeks. This is the kind of information I would like from Lonely Planet, Rick Steve's Italy , etc. We are having a very hard time trying to figure out where we should actually go and what we should actually do. The travel books just include everything..I wish they would rate stuff with stars or forks or some other means of subjective referral. As valuable, would be what to skip. Help!!!!!!

I adore Google...can you believe this is an actual photo of the margherita pizza from the Pizzeria da Michele! Cross my heart...Honest to Google!


Laura said...

That is AWESOME! Get some pizza for me!!! I am also "stuck" in this book. I loved the Italy "eating" part (what a shock!) but got stuck in the "praying" part. I have said I hope this is not indicative of my true life!!! Maybe one day I will actually finish this book!

Bon's Blog by Design said...

Laura, you are too funny! I agree that it did bog down in India a bit. Indonesia was good maybe just skip over. We will definitely go to the Pizzeria da Michelle..just because how can we not now? I know what you mean though about the eating I don't need any further encouragement there. The reaction to these sections..has nothing to do with the real you...good healthy eater, deep thougtful pray-er, and all about love!

laura.elizabeth said...

And it is YUMMY too!! Neapolitan pizza takes some getting used to but man, I love it. There are days when I crave it- scary, hu? Don't worry we will hit some great Pizzeria's while you are here. Be advised though they the usually don't light the pizza ovens until 7 or 8 at night, even later in the spring and summer. So your pizza may be more like a late evening snack than dinner!

Miss Jen said...

hmmmmm....jealous !