Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Christmas Shops Along The Way

We did not do a lot of shopping on our trip, in fact very little, but here are a few shots from some fun places. This trip was so not about shopping but when you are passing right know how I am. But, I do not like shopping with Jim because I know he doesn't get it resists, so I try hard to hold back! The gathering is a female phenomenon, so bewildering to most men. It's the Nest Building that never ends! (Not for me anyway!) It is not about acquisition, it is about creating a lovely home environment. For Jim it is the Sunday of the creation period but for me it is still Thursday!

This Shop was so Beautiful!
Everything was white, off white, and silver.
The pictures do not do it justice at all.
(Double click on photos for best results!)

It was full of these big trees and very striking

This was a little entry courtyard to the white and silver shop

This was some seriously pretty stuff.

This shop has a bizillion ornaments.
I bought one that is a Byzantine Madonna
that reminded me so much of our trip to Italy and all
the Byzantine art we saw there.

Here she is! We heart Italy!

~This one was just so posh and so festive~
It made me want to run home and
get out the Christmas decorations!

This vacation was about just relaxing, napping, dining out, being together and seeing the wonders of the natural beauty of the area. We did also go to see The Secret Life of Bees which we loved. I did buy one other thing which I could not resist. I tried but we had to go back to Oleama and get it, we were just barely down the road when we turned back. It was this book. I am in love with it.

This book is all about my parents' era, the 40's, the war, the clothes and the amazing shoes. It is fascinating reading as it covers a lot of the history of the 40's and how the rationing affected fashion during the war years and the pictures are fantastic! I have thought of my Mom and her five stylish sisters and my new friend, Deanna, from Texas as I have been reading through it. That was it in the shopping department.