Monday, November 17, 2008

Smile Maker For a Monday Morning!

Per-cinn-a-mon Picking!

"I adore this picture of Ross. It perfectly captures his darling (often silly) character. This picture was taken after he picked his first per-cinn-amon! He was so excited!" Love, Laura

Thanks, Laura and Robert, for this amazing little guy and for sharing this picture with Gramma and Grampa! Now that a copy of it sits on my desk I can smile anytime I want! Love, Mom


Laura said...

He is so cute!!!

Deanna said...

Is there anything more beautiful than a child's happy smile? What a beautiful photo.

Deanna :)

mandy* said...

That photo is great!!! I had my first taste of per-cinn-amon a couple of days ago. Yummy!