Saturday, November 22, 2008

Serendiptiy Shopping

Christmas Is In the Air!

Today a few friends and I got away for a wonderful girl's day out. Few things are as rejuvenating for me as just getting together with girl friends and laughing and talking and shopping and dining out for lunch. Lanette had found a blog written by a woman who participated in this fantastic Vintage Boutique. She was interested so we decided to check it out. So it was truly a Bloggers' Serendipity!

We drove about an hour or so to Petaluma, a quaint little down north of San Francisco. It was a gorgeous fall day and the temperature got near 70 degrees mid-day but it was still crispy, especially in the early morning.

The View From the Car Window Going Over~
Such a Big Beautiful Sky & The Greenest of Green Pastures!

Sleepy Little Street in Petaluma

Beautiful Red Trees Set Against
The Bluest Sky You Have Ever Seen

The Church Where the Vintage Boutique Was Held.
Who Could Not Love This Quaint Building
With it's Creaky Floors and Stained Glass Windows?

I hadn't been to a Christmas boutique in years (I exclude Sydne's, because her shows were pure art!) Let me tell you they have changed. This one was lovely and the artisans were very good. Not a single knitted anything in the place. No toilet paper covers or little dresses for your dishwashing soap like in the old days. Everything was beautiful and fresh and creative. We really enjoyed that!

We Stayed in this Boutique Forever and
Came Out with Some Serious Loot!
Check Out Norma's Crown!
(which she wore all day causing quite a stir!)

Bon, Lanette, Norma, Kelly!
Just down the Street We Found Another Boutique!
We Missed Our Friends That
Had Other Commitments or Were Sick. Next Year, Ladies!

While My Friends Checked Out The Quilted Angel
I took Photos Since I Am Not A Quilter.
I Love This Photo Sans The Car!
It Was Such a Pretty Building
The Red Leaves Clinging Like Vines!

My Serious Loot~Great Victorian Vintage Ornaments

And This Great Necklace That I Couldn't Take a Decent
Photo of But is So Awesome. It is Black and Silver and Full of Gems.
The Lady that Made it Took a Bunch of Old Jewelry
and Piled it on to Make this very 3-D Interesting and Pretty Piece.
I Love the Watch Works and the Dragonfly.

These Ornaments Were Also Made with Vintage Jewels.
They Are Large~ About 5-6 inches Wide.
And I Have Some Ideas For Them For Decorating The House Soon.
You Know how I Like Me Some Sparkle, right Con? ~Just Love It.

It Was Such A Glittery, Special Day!


Miss Jen said...

You guys are cute. I'm jealous...not that I have nay $ to spend but still. It reminds me of St Andrews.

Deanna said...

What wonderful photos! You have a great camera..or is it digital?
I simply hate my digital. I have two but I can't find my favorite one. I'm sure it's under the bed to a rock hard Fig Newton and maybe the nail polish I lost the other night.

Deanna :)