Sunday, November 2, 2008

Voter Inspiration

United We Stand~Divided We Fall

I have found a new blog that I really like and it is found here. This blog is written by a Christian man named, Danny. I could not agree with him more on his five points to inspired vote casting. It was posted today, Nov 2, 2008. He has some very poignant things to say about voting, political opinions, families, friends, and food choices and favorite colors. I really liked it so decided to pass it on to you. Things to ponder are always good about now in an election year.

~Your Right And Privilege As An American~

Don't Try To Deny That Same Privilege To Others
Be Smart and Stand Up For What You Believe
But Don't Personally Attack Others If They Do Not Agree
This Is A Freedom We Never Want To Lose


Laura said...

Only a couple more days!!! It's such an exciting election year!!! Great thoughts since so many are on opposite ends of the spectrum---we all have to get along and respect each other at the end of all this.

mandy* said...

I love the part "Don't personally attack others if they do not agree..." Mark and I shy away from talking about politics in Seattle, because it is exactly like that.

Bonnie said...

Here too. You cannot voice your opinion without fear of retaliation. It is pretty sorry. I don't mind people that disagree respectfully but ones that do it in a mocking, belittling way act like they do not appreciate the freedoms we all have very much.