Saturday, November 8, 2008

Fruit Cake and The Common Cold

I ask you how on earth can there be 13, 351 photos of fruit cake on flickr?

You all know the legend of the one disgusting fruit cake with the rubbery chunks that has been being passed around the earth for centuries because everyone hates it and so re-gifts it to someone else, right?

Well I see a correlation between that cake and the common cold I am afflicted with right now. I have a pet peeve that will probably offend everyone, myself included, as I know I am guilty too.

Why is it then when we are sick we cannot just stay home for a day or two and not re-gift our illness to others? This especially bugs me in the work place. When I worked in the doctors' office people would come to work with their fevers, flu, and always with colds. Hello. Do not do me any favors and answer my phone while you are hacking and coughing just to help me out, OK? I use to want to say, "People, the patients coming in here are having elective surgery. They do not need your virus as they are trying to recover!" But I didn't, I just remained silent and graciously caught their cold. As I get older I am not as nice as I use to be...sorry about that.

If we are sick why is it so hard to just chill out and enjoy the gift someone else has passed on to us to the fullest. I know in most cases the world is not going to stop rotating if we do. I know in rare cases it may be so, but for the most part life will go on just fine without you or me for awhile. It is great to have a good, healthy self-concept but, this may seep over into the pride of our own importance sphere, just a little. My other theory is that colds last longer than they need to because people won't stop and take good care of the problem. Your immune system is usually down when you need a rest.

Since people just can't seem to stop re-gifting it, I really like that some of the grocery stores are now supplying the hand wipes for the carts. Talk about a hot bed of infection ~it is the grocery cart. And I like hand sanitizer even if it ages you, minute by minute, with all that alcohol. (When is someone going to come up with a hand lift cosmetic surgery, anyway?)

Well, I am going to practice what I preach. Every change we would like to see in life has to start with us. I am not going anywhere today, I am not even tempted. And at least I don't have to wipe down everything at home as Jim is just getting over the gift someone gave him last week. The generosity is amazing. And, no he did not stay home~what can I say?? So today it's just me, my computer and my chicken soup~enjoying the gift! I'm leading by example. If the "fruitcake" comes you way you won't have me to thank for it!

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Deanna said...

Stay home and relax with a cup of warm somthing! I hope you feel better. I hate having a cold. I'm having a major allergy problem with my left eye right now. Lot's of cedar flying around here today.

P.S. I love fruitcake!

Deanna :)

Lanette said...

There are some bad germs out there. Sorry one found you - take good care of yourself and be better by Monday...otherwise we'll just bring you a mask or we could visit through your bedroom window - that would be fun! (Deja-vu)

CA Poppy said...

Sad that you're not feeling up to par ~ hope you perk up soon.

Laura said...

Hope you feel better soon! That's another advantage of the blogosphere, no spreading colds and sickness through the computer---just viruses for the computer.

MCGROVER said...

GUESS WHAT? I stayed home today (Sunday) and watched "church" on BYU TV because I have a cold. I spent yesterday with Jim (and others) so there may be come contagion.