Monday, November 17, 2008

Pumpkin Pie Fantasy

With Thanksgiving just around the corner it is time to start thinking about your Thanksgiving Feast and all the trimmings. Unless you are extremely lucky like us and going to someone else's house! We have been invited to my brother, Gary and Marilyn's house so there will be no cooking for us this year. Usually I cook a turkey even if we go somewhere else, but this year since we are taking off for a few days I am not even doing that.

But if I were cooking maybe I'd bake a pumpkin pie (yeahrite!)
Click the orange link above to see the fantasy of me baking a pie come to life!

Everyone who truly knows me knows that the pies from our house
come to us via Miss Marie or Mr. Sam's Gourmet Kitchens.

flickr photos of course


Laura said...

I love to look at pumpkins, but I am not much for the pumpkin pie. Perhaps that is because I am a cake person. Hmmm. Maybe that is part of my problem.

Deanna said...

You little show-off. I love the way you spin your rolling pin and how quickly you cut out shapes for the crust. forgot to wash that spoon! You put it back into the utensil matter, I'd still eat that pie! With a big dollop of whipped cream!

Still laughing,
Deanna :P

Connie said...

Deanna--I had the EXACT same thought!!! Ewwwwww--wash that spoon before you put it back! :)

Okay, you pumpkin pie haters, what you need is a delectable pumpkin CAKE. I have a recipe that I've been making for 18 years (and I am NOT invited to Thanksgiving even at my own home if I don't make it)and it was just published in Paula Deen's new book, so I feel ripped off! She changed the name to "Pumpkin Bars" so she could get away with it, the dirty rat. (oh, I'm so kidding--I think she's great!) If you just received the season's SAM'S Club Source book in the mail, it's printed in there on page 11. Yes, I am too lazy to type it....why do you ask? :) :) :) TRY IT!!!!

Bonnie said...
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Bonnie said...

If I knew how to do animated dish washing I would fix this for you ladies. I just figured the maid would take care of the entire crock in the morning! OK,OK I cop to Lazy! It is the cutest little thing though, isn't it?

OK, Con we will check out the recipe if the Sam's booklet if comes our way.

I am actually kinda like Laura. Pumpkin pie is not my thing. Thank goodness but it hardly counters the billion things that are my thing! Where is the equity? Bummer!

By the way I made that chicken tonight that you called about the other day. Pretty awesome we thought. Did you?

Deanna Munoz said...

Pumpkin Pie is my FAVORITE!!!! I seriously cannot wait to dig into some this holiday season!!!
I love your posts Bonnie, they always make me smile!

mandy* said...

I've never made a pie. I hope it is that easy when I finally decide to make my first. I'm counting down the days until Thanksgiving so I can eat pumpkin pie!!

laura.elizabeth said...

I am all about pumpkin anything...pie, cookies, muffins, bread. This year I created a delicous pumpkin moose. It is awesome and so easy. Maybe I'll post the recipe on my blog before th big day actually arrives.