Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Priorities, Perennials and Pondering the Promise of More Than One Christmas

Yesterday I went to the doctor just for a regular check up and to discuss a plan for getting more healthy which translates to losing weight. I was dreading it but my health is better than I thought. I was worrying endlessly about my B/P and it was 130/70! It might help a lot if I went more regularly and thus avoided the unnecessary worry of the unknown. My doctor was very positive and uplifting. He told me not to be afraid to come in and to just think of him as my dojo not my doctor. Oddly enough that helped! Having someone to teach and not judge seems pretty cool.

Losing weight has been weighing on my mind (no pun intended) for about a half a century, so I decided to make this coming year (starting today) one where I will make getting healthier my #1 priority. If I don't make it my number 1 thing, than life happens and something else will always get in my way. The voice of experience, here.

So on with the weight loss, you know the routine, healthy food choices, portion control, patience, tenacity, never giving up. The E Word, moving more and being consistent in exercising, which is my big one. OK, so right after the renewed hope that making a commitment engenders, I went to the grocery store and bought some things I would be needing on this all too familiar venture. Never, Never, Never give up, right Winston?

All of a sudden I looked up at the check stand and saw the above magazine. Drop 47 pounds by Christmas! Always looking for the short cut, I said, "Awesome, sign me up immediately as long as it doesn't involve the amputation of a limb!" It just occurred to me they say drop...but we all intrepret it as lose. So I just have to add in here, that I also don't want to drop my little three-year-old granddaughter, Chloe, who probably goes about 47 lbs. But it does sound like the only surefire way to be droppin' me any 47 pounds by Christmas. But still I maintained my faith!

I had to have the magazine, especially when I read the headline at the bottom left of the cover. Oops! I Got Skinny! Natalie Lost 60 Pounds By Avoiding Pesticides. They had me at "Hello" on that one! Off I went with my celery sticks and cottage cheese and the magazine with the hidden secrets~just think~a new me by Christmas! Ahhh, if only life worked like that...

The part they left out was WHICH Christmas!
Realistically and Hopefully 2010!

A better plan might be to follow the guidance and direction of my good friend, personal trainer and Weight Watcher instructor, Lanette. She lost 65 pounds a few year ago and has maintained that loss consistently since then~ which is the true test. Today I am featuring her Healthy Life Blog for your reading enjoyment and possible addition to your Google Reader. Even if you don't need to lose 47 pounds by Christmas like I do~you will find some amazing tips and things to ponder in Lanette's corner of the blogsphere. Check it out, leave a comment and tell her I sent you over! It is hard to maintain a niche blog when you don't get comments. She does this for all of us~she already knows all about healthy living. Thank you, Lanette, for doing the research, getting the education, setting the example and being willing to share!

It's a good thing these babies are perennials!
Two years from this Christmas I'll be saying,
"Oops I Got Skinny!"
Natalie's got nothing on me!


mandy* said...

This seems like a popular time to start living a more healthy lifestyle. Mark and I are starting a new exercise program this week. My friends just started one a couple of weeks ago. Another couple we know is staying away from desserts for the whole month of November. My mom recently traded her Starbucks lunches for salads. And now you are making healthy changes! Let's all help eachother!! It is especially challenging to start right before the holidays, but I KNOW WE CAN DO IT!!

Lanette said...

Thanks for the plug Bon. I'm so excited for your excitement - it's contagious!

CA Poppy said...

Way to go Bon! I'm going swimming with two of my friends tonight. I told Jacob to be prepared for my speedo cap. I love the swimcap because it stretches your face to look younger and totally eliminates the brow furrows. Now, I only wish there was a poolboy to hand me my wrap when I'm ready to get out of the pool. It's fun to be swimming indoors when it's insanely cold outside.

Deanna said...

Oh Bonnie...(laughing) you are so funny. I like what your doctor said though. That was very smart of him.

I've been trying to lose weight for years but it keeps finding me somehow. I have lost twenty pounds since last year though because of my Type 2 diabetes. Just give up the sugar. My nephew Abram did a science fair project last year where he had two small tubs filled with water. One tub had a sugar-free diet soda and in the other tub a regular soda with sugar. The diet soda was floating on top, whereas the non diet soda was at the bottom of the tub. I did not know this information. My nephew amazed me with his genius! (I'm sure he read about that in a schoolbook). Anyway, I totally gave up sugar. It helped, but I'm telling you, sometimes I just want to stuff a whole bag of Kraft Caramels in my big mouth!

Sugar Mama,
Deanna :)

laura.elizabeth said...

I am right there with you mom. I wish there was more I could do to help you as my efforts to help myself seem futile. For some reason it is always easier for me to sacrafice for someone else. Anyway, I love being able to talk about health and weight loss on the blog. The truth is we are all struggling to change something in our lives and I think talking about it really helps. Anyway, I think you are wonderful and I love that you never give up. You can do this, I know you can! You have always been able to do hard things. I love you.