Monday, November 24, 2008

The Tooth Elf

This is a post some of you have read from our daughter, Jennifer's, blog but I just wanted to post it here in case you missed it. Also I want it to be a part of the blog book I will be publishing soon.

"A very, very sad thing has occurred at our home. Piper "found out" about the Tooth Fairy. Julia lost 2 teeth this week and the first night Lowell and I totally spaced the whole thing. (I wish I could say this was the first (or last) time that we have forgotten our toothly duties but it would be a lie.) Since Julia was up at about 6 am and it was still dark I told her all about how night wasn't officially over until the sun was all the way up while Lowell snuck down to "take care of it".

2 days later when she lost the other one we did the exact same thing again! We are so totally up for nomination for the lamest-parents-on-earth award. Good grief. So this time Julia comes up and says, "I know the tooth fairy has until 7 am to get here so I'll just go check after 7. We must be at the end of her route." "Ya", I say as I wink at Lowell and he sneaks off again. Well this time Piper followed him and caught him mid act: pillow in one hand, money in the other, guilty look on his face-the whole bit.

Not one to think up lies at the drop of a hat like yours truly he just looked at her and said, "Ummmm......Don't tell Julia" I say he gave up too easily but she took it well and feels like she's in on a big secret now. She did however tell Julia that the tooth fairy was male, had a mustache and a beard and glasses. Hmmmm....good one Piper. So now Julia insists on calling it the Tooth Elf and has a pretty good idea of what's going on.

I guess I'm a little sad/mad at myself that this little secret got out. My mom was much better at keeping these important parental secrets than I. She still insists that the Santa that visited me as a 3 year old was the one and only. Oh well right?

(this is not my husband)"
But sure the heck looks like him sans tattoos!