Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween~One Last Word!

The Best of Times~Enjoying the costumes
without having to dream them up!

The Worst of Times~Not seeing our 10 little grandkids
on this fun day for them!

The Next Best Thing~ Grown-up kids that keep us in the loop
with their photos and blogs!

Jen and Lowell's Pumpkins
Providing the Atmosphere for
Our Virtual Cousins' Halloween Party

Shelby (Chloe's best friend) and Chloe

Julia, Piper & Chloe

Aynslee From East High!

Jen's Artwork!

Daddy and His Girls Goblins!

Connor the Pirate!

Miss Hazie J!

Owen, Our Little Dino!

Spencer and Ross, the Mummy and Spider Man
1st Trick or Treating Experience in Italy!

Chloe~Miss Deseret 2008

Spencer and Ross and Mom have
Dinner from a Pumpkin!
Missing Dad!

Big Black Cat~Zach

Rossie, Counting Sorting and Labeling His Loot!
No Question He's Ours!

A Replica of Hazel's Little Teeth!

The Moon Has Gone Down On Halloween 2008!

All photos courtesy of 6 great parents/kids!


Deanna said...

No more candy indulgence...drats! I ate so much candy corn I swear my toothpaste started to taste like candy corn.

Sweet sweet pictures of the children. I miss those days!

Have a great day!

Sal Gal said...

Love the pics of all your cute grandkids!

Jim said...

Hi to all.
You look like you are having fun...except The Pirate guy, he just looks scary. Good job to all the moms on the costumes and to all the pumpkin carvers!! Wishing we were there.

Love, Dad