Thursday, December 18, 2008

20 Little Things to Treasure at Christmas Time

Praying this is NOT gonna be me in Utah!

Melissa, over at the Inspired Room is doing a List Party. Just write your 20 favorite little things to treasure follow her instructions and post it on Friday on her Mr. Linky. It is fun to see what other people do write.

Washington's Beautiful Tree

1. Christmas Home Tours
2. Watching the first Christmas Tree Lots go up
3. Keeping in touch and taking photos to preserve the magic moments
4. Finding just the right gift & especially while shopping with the girls!
5. Tire traction on non-icy roads
6. Christmas Music and Carols
7. Hearing the Salvation Army bell outside the stores
8. Santa pictures of the kids and their letters to him
9. Candy canes, peppermint ice cream, and Christmas cookies
10. Outside Christmas Lights~From the ridiculous to the sublime
11. Shops featuring their Christmas Bling
12 Hot chocolate, ginger bread men, a warm fuzzy throw & The Preacher's Wife
13 Being with Family and Friends more than usual
14. Utah's white Christmas & wearing a warm neck scarf in the glistening snow
15. Glittery, Glitzy Christmas Decor & flocked Christmas trees
16. Stockings & Stuffers & the excitement on the grandkids' faces
17. Christmas scented candle light & crackling fires
18. Any and all Christmas Trees
19. Memories~And Making Them
20. The Reason For The Season

I guess some of those things are not little things
but they are just the random thoughts that
came to me about loving Christmas

**Rethinking #18 after looking and voting at this site.


mandy* said...

I wish I had #5. Seattle is an ice cube and I still have Christmas shopping to do!!!