Saturday, December 13, 2008

Why Do I Wait? Everyone Does Lunch!

I have been wondering why it is that I wait until Christmas to have a luncheon for my friends? Of course I know it is a wonderful time of the year and we want to do these things but I am just thinking it would be so nice to spread the joy around to other months of the year as well.

Connie, Linda, Maureen, Donna, Barbara~A Beautiful Bunch!

There were several ladies that I just want to do a little something for and of course I couldn't get them all here on the same day. So I think I want to just continue this on through the year. Wouldn't it be fun to just get together once a month with your friends for a few hours? I really want to will do this. I am trying to follow through more on the things I want to do. Any generous thought is only as good as the follow through. Right?

The Table

So yesterday I had these special five friends over for a little luncheon~it was so wonderful to be with them. It was so much fun to get ready and to cook (using the term loosely) for each of them. It has been too long since I use to have company regularly~ I was actually nervous and these ladies are among my oldest and dearest friends! I served a warm and comforting egg drop soup that Jim made for us and then I made a Thai salad and added some rolls. A little sparkling pomegranate cider and a little peppermint ice cream and ginger bread man and ~Voila~ there you have it. It was easy and everyone seemed to like it so that was wonderful.

I bought a set of beautiful dessert plates to use and that made it even more fun for me. There are six of them spelling out these words, believe, happiness, magic, family, friends, and peace. They are all white with gold lettering and each in a different font.

The food is just very secondary to being together and having a chance to sit and talk with no interruptions except our own! I loved it and thank you to all that came. If you were not at this one, you will be invited to my next one, OK? I know that a lot of people had other things going on yesterday. I like to keep the group to between 6-8 so I don't freak out too much. As I said if I do this every month, I may be able to work myself up to a bigger crowd! But I kind of like the smaller, more intimate group so you feel like you really got to talk with each friend.

So we even had fun taking a photo or two~
here they are striking a glamor pose for you!

If you haven't tried having a little group over lately, you should. We have gotten use to meeting at restaurants but it is great to serve your friends in this way. I am all for it! It can replace the old quilting circle or whatever but women need friends and to see them often! It is what Jen and her girls a call "Girl Power" and I am all for that too!!


CA Poppy said...

Maureen is looking extra glamorous these days. What atreat to have lunch at your place.

ELDON and SHELLI said...

Oh, seeing that picture of some of my favorite women in the world made me a little homesick!! How fun to have a luncheon together ... You're so great, Bonnie. And those dishes are beautiful!!