Monday, December 1, 2008

The Edge of the Earth

We saw so much beautiful water on our trip. We took a little drive around Muir Woods, The Muir Woods Look Out, Along the cliffs and into Stinson Beach...the town. The ocean was so beautiful and so peaceful. We saw tiny bays, mirrored bays that looked like lakes, marsh lands and small streams, along with the ocean. The topography just kept changing and it was so neat. California is so diverse, there is so much to see and do here.

We enjoyed taking our pictures

Muir Beach Look Out Point

Gorgeous Vantage Point

Mirrored Bay Inlet

Shipwreck called "Point Reyes" in the Marshlands

Small Stream

Diamonds Above~ Gold Below

North Side of SF Bay Near Ft. Baker

~I found me some crusty ole pirates~
A natural occurrence with all the water everywhere!

Some shameless love birds on the pier.

With the Bay Bridge in the background
We knew our vacation was coming to a close.
As we were heading home
I was napping daydreaming about doing it all again.


Sal Gal said...

What great pictures! They should be postcards! Beautiful!

MCGROVER said...

Things change, vacations end, we get older etc, but pictures keep memories alive. The pictures are great especially the "bird and the bridge". I still feel you should lead a blogging group to help inspire the masses.

Bonnie said...

Mike, that is so sweet of you! I would consider the Mac User Group invitation to lead a blogging group. I don't know that much but am willing to help.