Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Turning of Our Hearts At Christmas Time

With all the glitz and glam and fun of Christmas that we enjoy so much ...always in the back of my mind is what I can do for someone in need at this time of year. I am almost overwhelmed when I think about it. So many need so much or have suffered a lot this year and just need to be remembered. I am trying to think of special ways to help out that would mean something to these people.

One thing I thought of was donating a nice coat from my closet to a homeless person when a little Cub Scout came by asking me to support this effort. It was a small sacrifice to help someone stay warm during the bitter cold of winter.

Another thing I want to do is sign up my neighbors (who have had a tremendously hard year medically) for some beautiful caroling from the youth in our church.

While at church today I was prompted to invite a young woman who is living here all alone from Columbia and missing her family, to come to our family dinner in a few weeks. It would be terrible to be lonely at Christmas time.

I have two uncles left that are both shut-ins. I want to send them some scanned and copied photos of the good old days to cheer them up. I know that would make my parents happy to think that I did something for them.

I want to send some grocery gift cards to the Ronald Mc Donald type house here in Oakland that always needs milk. Our ward is donating school supplies and children's books to needy kids this year. The needs and lack for so many is so apparent it is mind boggling.

I am looking for some more ideas that are not costly but can mean a lot and that is where you all come in. What are your ideas for reaching out this year? There is so much to do and the Lord has need of willing hands. If we can each just do something to make a difference in someone's life what a better Christmas it will be. The earth needs this right now, don't you think? I need more ideas. I have a friend who just lost her mom, my friend is suffering...what to do..what to do??

You are all such ministering angels, I know you can think of something.


Laura said...

You are a ministering angel to so many. I love this entry. So inspirational---reminds me of the things I need to do!

Deanna said...

Hi Bonnie,
wonderful post. It's so easy to be selfish with our time but I find so much satisfaction visiting shut ins..older folk who just can't get out. At church, we have a group that goes on visits but I am so ashamed that I cannot speak spanish very well. I am working to rectify that...but I get so much out of them talking to me about their past and I do tell them that my spanish is pretty bad but I sure can understand every word they say. It doesn't deter them, instead they draw me nearer to them and pat my hand.

I have heard some wonderful stories and I hope my being there to listen was enough for them to feel a little bit happy.

Many hugs,
Deanna :)