Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Reindeer R Us!

This morning I looked out of our family room window and what did I see starring back at me? Dancer and Prancer and Vixen! We have a herd of deer that live in our backyard. It use to be just five but now there are at least 10. Several of them are bucks the three in these pictures all are and there is one more I think. They posed so nicely the two side panels of the windows are displaying hind quarters and the guy in the middle is nearly perfectly centered in the window and giving us the deer in the headlights look! They give us the eye as if to say.."Exactly what are YOU humans doing here? "

Don't you love how he posed by our Poinsettia!
The Dear Deer

The deer that multiple and replenish the ridge behind us are extremely tame. When I saw them I went and got my camera, walked to the window, amazingly remembered to turn off my flash and then just started shooting (poor choice of words don't let your hunter hubs get any ideas) walking closer and closer to them. They have never been this close to the window before.

So these are the pets we like best. They are cute but we don't have to entertain them, take them to the vet, or clean up after them. They also prune the garden for us! They are very naughty though about eating the flowers and veggies in the spring and summer and at that time of the year we don't like them very much. But I think they do add something to the Christmasy atmosphere this time of year.

Anybody want to Rent-a-Deer for your kiddos?

I wish I could gift these to my sister-in-law,
Marilyn, who lives and breathes animals!

Thought bubble..."Hey, Lady, what the heck are you looking at?"


Connie said...

Merciful Heavens! Has the herd really grown that big???? Gosh, they do make darling Christmas ornaments. I'm just glad they let us use the yard for the wedding. :)
Great pictures!!!

Laura said...

What incredible shots. I am so glad you had your camera nearby. When we lived in NJ,there were constant deer. I loved it, it can be so charming---until they get to the flowers!

mandy* said...

If Cohen had been there he would have said, "Eeeeee eeeee eeeeeee eeeee!" He loves animals.

Sal Gal said...

Those are great! What a fun "Christmas" surprise!

Deanna said...

Oh that is wonderful!! What a special blessing that was. Aren't just so beautiful? We have deer and peacocks running around all over town.

Thank you for sharing that with us Bon.

Love ya,
Deanna :)

That "girl" was over at my blog just now. I'm getting really angry.

Laura said...

Bon, I just wanted to let you know, don't feel like you have to catch up on my blog------it can be a bit overwhelming. I definately use it as a family journal, so there is a bit of overkill. So, don't worry, we are buddies, and I don't expect you to read every single entry------Love, Laura

MCGROVER said...

I have a hunter working for me and he was longingly looking at the 3pt buck as I showed him your pictures. I told him they were your "low-maintance" pets and that such a beautiful creature needed to continue to decorate the Mattson's yard.