Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Girls' Night Out~Plus 1 "Mature" Wannabe

Krissy, Sally & Traci, we really missed Laura!
We hope you are feeling better!

Missy, Jenny, Jen, Traci At Paradise Bakery
which is a lot like Panera at home!

Vanessa and Krissy
We chatted for quite some time and
it was delightful!

Then "someone" said something about Edward
and having babies and the

next thing I knew we were all lined up in the
theater watching


The old lady made it through and even liked it.
A little Bizarre but better than Seven Pounds
any day of the week!
I haven't been up that late since New Year's Eve, 2000!


Laura said...

I am so sad I missed out on all the fun, I hate to not be there for a girls night. NEXT time, FOR SURE. No sickness allowed. Miss you girl, Love, Laura

V and Co. said...

we did have fun didn't we?! it was GREAT to see you in person!