Monday, December 22, 2008

24th Annual Golden Girls Christmas Luncheon

Once again we have had a very fun Christmas Luncheon. This event is our long standing Christmas tradition put on by our good friends, Lanette and Kelly. The same group of friends have been doing this each year since we were really young. One of the earliest posts I ever did was about this luncheon just last year. It is so great because they always have it just a few days before Christmas, so it is the perfect time to unwind and relax as most of the holiday hustle and bustle is done by now. So we can take a deep breath, laugh our heads off and enjoy.

I remember that when I did the post last year I was having lots of trouble putting in photos and it took me forever. Well, this is post #500 for this blog and I think I have that down now! (I am awarding myself the floral bouquet below for this undertaking even though Lanette thought she was decorating her beautiful kitchen with it!) That is the joy of having your own blog~what you say goes! In your imagination Santa will let you have it all, naughty or nice!

Aren't they Lovely?

(Psssst, Norma, is kinda slipping a little.)

For the past two years she has been thinking we are supposed to "dress up". This is her lovely Queen outfit! This is one zany woman~everyone needs a friend like Norma! She can have whatever she wants without even having a blog! She crowned herself Queen back in November when we went to the fancy boutiques in Petaluma! Oh, how we love this funny lady!

To prove my point this is her "fashionable"
blinking Christmas sweater from last year!

Lanette's beautiful arrangement make by our friend Sydne

Kelly in the dining room with the pretty table they
prepared for us! These two are so amazing!
Shhhhh! I swiped this photo from Lanette's blog!

Fran, Chris, Lanette & Kelly

The Food was Fantastic!

Pork Loin with a very good gravy,
Brown rice with sauteed onions and cranberries,
Beautifully prepared green beans and
Lanette's home made 'best in the world' rolls.
Kelly also made a delicious corn chowder, a
Salad with raspberry vinaigrette dressing
and a very wonderful dessert.

Linda, Guess Who, Fran and Christine!

Here is Maureen showing off the gift
they made for each one of us.
Where do friends like this come from?
Straight from Heaven, in my opinion!

Norma and Leslie
Norma tried her darnest to get in every photo
so I had to give in once in awhile!
After all her birthday is Christmas Eve
(poor thing)
Happy Birthday, Norma Jean!

Kelly and Barb!
(Norma must be in the powder room!)

Kelly and Lanette opening their presents
that we all bring them each year.

Lanette modeling their earrings ornaments!
Yes, it was Norma who made them for our friends!
~Bird Feathers and all~
I heard Norma mumble something about "Trash to Treasure"
under her breath as she was sitting right by me.
She knew I had a camera!

Each year the rule has been you must attend in order to be invited back the next year. They are pretty strict and you need a good excuse like attending the funeral of a loved one, or illness (with a doctor's note..just kidding), or being out of the country. I have only missed one time and it was when we were in Europe.

In 2003 we wrote some predictions for this year. Some were amazingly accurate. We will read our predictions we wrote today in 2013. One of the questions~ will Norma get a tattoo, where and what will it be? Anyone who knows her want to venture a guess?

Surrounding yourself with wonderful friends is the icing on the cake of this life. Thanks Lanette and Kelly~we love you guys!


Manda said...

I told my mom not to leave the house in that outfit. The neighbors were starring... And to answer the tattoo question, i think it will be a barbie tattoo on her tramp stamp (her words). I love her.

mandy* said...

I love that you guys have this party every year! And Mark and I laugh when we think about how you all plan your holidays around the party so you'll be invited the next year.

As far as Norma's tatoo goes - of course she will have one and it will be on one of her biceps.

Bonnie said...

Kelly wrote:

Wow. I didn't believe that Norma had a costume agenda going til I saw the evidence in last year's picture. Good someone's documenting the slow (?) decay of our brains!