Saturday, December 6, 2008

Acqua Alta (High Water) in Venice

I am beginning to think our daughter, Laura, is a moon child. She seems to have incredible pull on the tides. Either that or she has been vexing the water gods or something! While in Mississippi she lived through powerful Katrina and now Venice is flooded more than it has been in 30 years while they are residing in Italy!

The dock where you catch the boat is complete underwater!

Check out this article from the Boston Globe and these incredible photos. I hope if our kids don't come home after this billet that they go someplace dry. I don't like that they live so close to Mt Vesuvius! Just a few weeks ago they were in Venice and picking up a new car they bought from the US. At least their timing was good. These photos are scary!

Anyway, Laura, if you are reading this~stay dry, Honey, and keep a low profile, little moon child!


Laura said...

That is scary----she should definately stay away from Florida.