Thursday, December 25, 2008

"Mark Mabry's book, Reflections of Christ, is a collection of full-page photographic images that begins with the angelic message of Christ's birth and ends with the Lord's ascension. It is complete with artist notes and an inspiring telling of the story behind the project. When Mabry was asked to explain the project, he described it as a “compilation of witnesses.” It is this facet of the work that I found most moving. Mabry's lone witness of the Savior is powerful. But it is the collective witnessing of all the artists and actors involved that makes it so worthwhile. Mabry's compilation creates, as the title implies, numerous “reflections” of Christ - not just in the 26 images themselves, but in the testimonies of those who participated and their devotions to the Lord for his unparalleled mercy." Merridian Magazine

After all is said and done~celebrating the Savior's birth is what Christmas is all about. May you and yours be blessed in your celebration of this Beautiful Day! We are wishing you all the love and happiness this message can bring. Enjoy your celebration and the gifts you receive today that are symbolic of The Gift that is eternal.

Much love,

From our family to yours!