Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Blogiversary~1 Year Today!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Getting Started With My Blog

This is the first post I ever wrote. One year later I have five blogs and have written 560 posts between them all. Blogging has been a huge and wonderful new discovery in my life and has given me a testimony of journal keeping. When you write about your life you will find it is far more wonderful and full than you could have ever imagined or remembered. Blogging is writing the books that will fill your life with wonder when you are old and gray and thinking life is not so hot. You will be able to bask in the light of reflected glory and know you have lived a good and productive life. It will be a blessing then even more than now. And when you have departed this life it will serve as a conduit for your beloved posterity to continue to hear your voice and feel of your influence in their lives long after your mortal body is laid to rest. And now I am adding some pictures to enliven this post and decorate the page because that is what I do these days!

I submit that blogging can keep you young, exercise your brain better than Suduko, and may even prevent wrinkles! (I threw that last one in to get the attention of the potential women bloggers!) It is nice to be addicted to something good for me for a change. I guess we call it a passion in these cases. And that is my infomercial for blogging being the best. It is the cheapest and most rewarding therapy you will ever find. So go for it then!

A special thank you to those of you that have been such a great support throughout the year by reading and commenting and growing our friendship. I love you for it, it has meant the world to me to feel I was not just babbling incessantly along to myself and that a few of you actually care about what I think and do. I don't feel as invisible as I use to. You are true friends of the finest variety. And that, dear friends, is a wrap~for the whole first year in the blogsphere.

Cyber Hugs, B

1st Post:

Ahhhhhh...the challenges of technology for those of us over 50! Where would we turn were it not for our children? It was once thought profitable to have many children for the much needed help in the it is all about cyberspace! I thank them all for dragging me along, double clicking here and there, and patiently teaching me something new every day.

Our Children and Teachers
Thanks Jen (Lowell), Chris and Laura!

I have always loved writing and understand the importance of journal keeping. It is going to be great fun to have a place to share the thoughts of the day, both trivial and profound. It has been said that every woman should have two to pass along and one to burn! Hopefully this one will be filled with uplifting, positive thoughts and comments and worthy of keeping. If not the escape button is in the upper right hand corner for your convenience. X marks the spot, as they say!

I am thinking that this will be a vehicle for self-discovery more than anything and for the solidifying of thoughts that seem to endlessly drift and often race through my mind on a daily basis. Just keeping up with and processing the sea of new information we are subject to each day is mind boggling. The process of writing can sort it all out, package it all up and store it in its proper place for future reference. For any of you who may want to share in this with me, your commentary will be appreciated.


Connie said...

You light up my life, Bon! Your blog is just the BEST!!! Thanks for sharing all your wonderful ideas and thoughts with us...You are AMAZING!!!!

Love you dearly,

Bonnie said...

Deanna Munoz wrote this on Facebook:

It is so fun to see so many people on facebook! I love that thing, and KEEP your blogaholicism, because your blog is awesome, and I am such a stalker on it. You should have your own column in the newspaper!

Lanette said...

Happy Blogiversary!! You've inspired so many of us to jump in - who knows how many hours have been spent connecting because you starting last year. I'm so lucky to be your friend - don't forget us little people. Wishing you many happy blogiversaries to come!

Laura said...

Dear Bon, I am so glad that you began blogging. You have become such a dear friend, I am grateful to know you. May this be the first of many blogiversaries!!! Like you, it is such a good way to keep a journal and share experiences! Love it, Laura

Deanna said...

Happy Happy Anniversary to my Bonnie! I wish I could tweak my nose like Samantha Stephens and be there to give you a big hug!

I'll always be here to listen to you.

Deanna :)

mandy* said...

Happy Anniversary! I love reading your blog. It makes me feel like I'm not so far away.