Friday, December 12, 2008

Coming Home For Christmas

Here Are Some Photos of Christmas in Our Cottage
(Double Click for a better view)

I Love to Include These For the Kids
It Has Been A long Time Since
They Have Been Home For Christmas

Way Back When!
Christopher, Laura, Jennifer
(Est. 1984?)

The Tree

Creche From My Childhood

Mini Cake Stand and Glittery 40's Girl

Contents of the Mini Cake Stand~Tiny Ornaments

Snow Men Everywhere in the Kitchen!

Snow Fam and Vintage Wire Tree


Shelves of the Beautiful Cabinet
Uncle Tom Gave Me One Christmas~
Tears of Joy and Surprise Were Shed!

Dining Room

Mantel With the Carollers Gramma Jo
Gave Me Year After Year.
Cherished Memories

Buffet With the Beautiful Roses from
Laura And Robert's Christmas Wedding
(No One Can Say We Did Not Get Our Money's Worth on These!)

Spencer's Bear, Poley, Joins the Dinner Guests!

Not a Creature Was Stirring Not Even A Lamb!
(Sorry Not A Mouse Fan!)

The Guest Room
We love our Christmas Books
I put the little glasses in for Deanna Munoz, she likes them!

No Guests Overnight This Christmas!

Our Bedroom Dresser

Memories and Reflections

Our Room

The Office

Family Room

Bathroom Shelf Top

Grampa Ross' Childhood Sleigh Bells Among the Other Stuff.
The Bells are Nearly 100 Years Old!

Beloved Byers Carolers Up Close

Some Festive Ducks Aunt Beth
Gave Me Last Year in the Entry

That is it, sure wish you could stop by for awhile! I'd take a picture of the front porch but the gorgoeus poinsettias I bought just two days ago are now all frozen, shriveled up and dying.

C'est La Vie~It Shall Be A Merry Christmas Even Without Them!


MCGROVER said...

Sorry you can't come to our house until after Christmas. WE CAN'T COMPETE! Your talent FAR surpasses ours. IT LOOKS GREAT!

Deanna said...

Can you please put your kitchen/dining room in a box and ship it COD to my home? hahahaah!

Hi Bon,
I love your pictures. So precious.

I was on my way to Ross Store after work to buy myself some glass cake stands and I drove right past it! I don't know where I thought I was going. I was so mad that I was muttering to myself. I'm sure I looked like a veritable nut. Oh well, as least I can get up early in the morning and pick them up...if they are still there!

Deanna :P

Deanna said...

Bonnie, did you have any problems with your Christmas countdown clock this morning? I had to remove mine and replace it with hoo hoo...and I loved that ornament clock I had.

Deanna :(

Deanna Munoz said...

YOU ARE AMAZING!!! I love your house. I haven't even been in it since I was little, but I still remember it. You are so talented, and you inspire me.