Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook~June 1, 2010

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So, For Today...Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Outside my window..although I don't really see evidence of the sun just yet the day is upon me. I love my view of the American flag outside my office window as it sways in the breeze along with the daisies in my big terra cotta pot below it. I also see my car that needs washing and Jim's bike tire with the broken spoke and needing a new tire. I felt so badly for him yesterday. He had worked so hard all day and then was looking forward to a great bike ride when he discovered the problem. So the bike shop is on my list of errands today.

I am thinking...that I will possibly be over the incessant coughing tomorrow that is a left over of my cold last week. I don't really know it will be tomorrow but I am positive it is not today as I have been up since 3:30 hacking away.

I am thankful for...my little brother who is turning 58 today. Doesn't seem possible but it it true! Happy Birthday, Gary!

From the learning room...there is always something to look forward to in this life.

I am reading...Book 3 in the Zion Covenant Series by Bodie Theone. Munich Signature, still. Last week was very busy and I didn't have much opportunity to read it.

From the kitchen...I have done my shopping for the week. Possibly taco salad for dinner tonight.

I am wondering...what gospel principle I will teach about in Relief Society on Sunday. I have a few ideas just waiting for divine confirmation.

I am hearing...Just The Way You Are~Billy Joel. I just made a new playlist this morning of my all time favorite songs. Hard to do but Just The Way You Are is definitely on there.

I am going...get a pedicure today, and mail some fun things to Piper and Julia that they can take to Scotland with them in a couple of weeks. I got them each a new watch and a little purse/bag they can carry their essentials in that crosses over their body for security and easy carrying.

Today if I could change one thing...The oil spill in the Gulf. That poor area has been ravaged in the past few years. It breaks my heart because it was such a beautiful area before Katrina, the flooding and now this. And the hurricane season is upon them now..lovely! I am so blessed to have been able to see it before all the disasters. I want to remember it the way it was...I am not planning to go back.

I am quoting..."She lived her life not only through her own body but through the house as an extension of her body; part of her relation to those she loved was embodied in the physical medium of the home she made." -Cheryl Mendelson

My spiritual thoughts include..total amazement when something you have had faith in becomes a sure knowledge through your own experiences and the Holy Ghost testified that it is true to every fiber of your being. You dare not deny it because you know God knows that you know. I love it when that happens!

Around the house...one little thing at a time we are getting ready for Jim's retirement party. I love having a deadline for projects. It is not only for the party but also it feels like preparation for a new beginning. It has feelings attached to it that are not that different from when you are anticipating getting married in a few weeks. Exciting!

I am missing...My Jennifer...I need her to fly with the little sisters and come home for a visit!

I am hoping....she can.

One of my guilty pleasures...Daydreaming when I should be doing other things.

One of my favorite things...clean cars.

I am curious about...all the goings on in Washington, DC...

An enjoyable movie I have watched lately...I have been watching the Gilmore Girls while folding my laundry lately. Clever and fun!

A few plans for the rest of the week..
.Pedi, bike shop, and post office today and preparing to do a birthday post for little Owen tomorrow, accompanying someone to a diagnostic doctor appointment tomorrow, cooking for an out of towner coming to visit us on Thursday night, sending photos to my cousin of the family via snail mail (ugh!) and getting some serious notes written down about what I need to do between now and the 19th( retirement gig). Then I need to do my lesson for Church on Sunday, find a good movie for our date night and help Jim prepare for power washing the house on Saturday.

Here are some pictures and a thought or two I am sharing with you~

This is the view of the Bay and San Francisco from what use to be "our place" in Sausalito. This photo was taken from the balcony of the Alta Mira Hotel. It was an institution in the Bay area until 2008 when the 50 year lease was up and it became a drug rehab place. What? We were so sad. This is the place we would always save our pennies for so we could go spend a night or two to celebrate something special. Our Place! We usually went alone but one time we took our kids and they fell in love with it too. Two of them had part of their their honeymoon celebrations here. Jen and Lowell chose a different cool place as a gift from us.

When someone would say, close you eyes and imagine the most restful, peaceful place you have ever been, I would see the exact image above in my mind's eye and all was well with the world.

This is what it looks like at night with Sausalito on the right. Imagine the Alta Mira right up at the top of that big hill. I think this is my favorite place in the world. It is so beautiful and both Jim and I love SF, it is just such a quaint European type city. You are seeing it on the left part of this photo in the background. We compare every place we go to it in one way or another. And when we were in Sausalito we could enjoy both places with its panoramic views.

They had this amazing restaurant almost all glass with spectacular views, and someone 0n flickr took a photo of one of their specialty dinner salads. I was so happy to find this photo it has flooded my day dreams with many memories. Check out the delicate little flower you get to eat.

Oh, Alta Mira, we hate that you are gone!

We know we shall never be able to stay there again...not planning on any drug rehab anytime soon! We are happy about that just missing you and the way you were.


Marie said...

Bonnie, at least you have your memories and these lovely photos of the way it was before. The same with the Gulf area. I have never been there and doubt I ever will, but it is very sad what is happening there. But again, it is a sign of the times. Love you loads! Hope your cold is ALL gone by tomorrow! xxoo

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Girlie,
Hope you are feeling much better by now and you can get some sleep tonight without coughing and hacking. That can be so annoying and frustrating especially when you are so tired and want desperately to sleep.
I know the retirement party is gonna be a very fun time for both of you.
Hope all your children will be able to attend and surprise their daddy. That would be so wonderful, and so nice to have the whole family together again.
That place in San Francisco sounded so neat. We used to stay in a hotel in the Orlando area over 30 yrs ago when we lived down south and came up to Disney on vacation and it was rustic and charming and we loved it, but we have looked for it and evidently they tore it down. Pooh!! Course,
that was a long time ago now, but it held special meaning to us as well. Maybe the Lord will have those places in Heaven so we can hang out there at times and reminesce!!
Wouldn't that be cool, course, I am sure they would be way way better than they were here!! lol
Have a good week hon,
Love ya, Nellie

Deanna said...

Bon, I hope that you are getting over that yuckiness and feeling better. I just adored your post so thank you for sharing that special place.

Getting back to blogging is strange but as I keep dropping by those special places, it's becoming easier and easier.

Love you bunches dear sweet friend!
Deanna :D

Caroline Craven said...

Sorry to hear you aren't feeling well. Did you get some eucalyptus when you were out in Utah in March? Boil some water, let it cool for a couple of minutes then add 2 drops eucalyptus oil and 2 drops lemon oil, (if you don't have lemon oil, just use fresh lemon juice), add a teaspoon of honey and drink the tea. It is so good for respiratory junk. Make it as often as you want. It will help with those coughing spells.