Sunday, June 13, 2010

It's All About Flowers...

If I could describe the weekend with one word it would be "flowers." First the wedding reception flowers on Friday and then the garden flowers to be planted and then Jim came home with some Red roses for our anniversary on Tuesday. I've been buried in flowers all weekend! Not a bad thing! Kinda like it. It's much better than a lot of the stuff I have been buried in on various weekends. But I have to get these all planted tomorrow! I will do it very early in the am before it gets too hot! So that will push my daybook for the week until Tuesday morning.

These two black pots are for
the stairs going up onto the deck.

These are the bedding plants
for the smaller pots.

Pots galore!

Asparagus Fern for the front porch!
Costco had these huge 14 inch pots
for $11.59
How do they do it?

I Petunias, don't you? So colorful!

My temporary "potting shed" I can
make the biggest mess doing this!

I have these babies right outside our
bedroom window.
They are so pretty!

Isn't this gorgeous?

These are the ones that match my sun!

This is our trumpet vine that blooms once a year in mid-June. We were so hoping it would bloom before the party. It makes a lovely canopy over the lower patio. It never fails us, right on cue we had our first sighting in one of the sunnier spots.

And here on the roof!

And the vine is covered with buds so
it should be great in a few days.

Once planted my real challenge is keeping them all alive. My thumb is not even remotely green. I do all they tell you to, like water, feed, talk to them, tell them they are lovable and capable of lasting a long time. Hmmm, maybe they will hear what I am saying this year. I hope so as we are hosting a wedding reception here in August and I am hoping not to have to do this all over again. How do you become a plant whisperer, anyway?


Deanna said...

First of all..I adore petunias! I wish I had a green thumb as well but alas, my thumb seems to entice death to anything green. I'll keep good thoughts going for you and your plants :D

P.S. ...loved the photo of Hazie and her little kitty. Precious.

Deanna :D

Caroline Craven said...

I remember your trumpet vine and how lovely it is. I don't even know if they would survive the winters here in Utah, but I keep thinking maybe I could plant one to cover our decking. I also remember being at your home once when it was in bloom and wanting to go home and plant one in our Concord yard. It never happened. Thanks for the info on Karen. So sad and I truly hope she isn't suffering too much, but that seems to be a part of life. We will keep her, Twila and Jim in our prayers.

Bonnie said...

I apologize to anyone that read this before I edited it. Sometimes I like to quickly publish just to see if the lay out is good and then go in immediately and save as a draft. I know we have preview but it is not the same as seeing what the post will actually look like on the blog.
So I was in the process of doing just that when Jim called me outside..yep I forgot I was still needing to edit my terrible typing. Sorry.

Hopefully it is good now. :-)

LA Adams said...

Gorgeous beautiful and color coordinated! Nice job!

Julie Harward said...

I think your thumb is greener than mind and I think your plants listen better than mine do LOL Very pretty!

Marie said...

Bonnie, your flowers will be beautiful, I am sure!! I am not so green thumbed either. So I just water them and then have faith that HF, the greatest plant whisperer of them all will do His bit! He always does, of course! You have such a lovely home! I can't imagine your flowers being anything less than beautiful! xxoo

Sister Susie said...

My, I know you must be kept busy (unless you have a gardener, ha.) The first picture, I had to take my glasses off and look again. I thought the flowers were painted until I saw the pot! I only have plants that can pretty much take care of themselves (like hibiscus, bougainvilla, palms, etc.)

Oh, by the way, John Wayne was my childhood "idol" (should I use that word!) :>o

Gaither Vocal Band has a great song titled "Jesus and John Wayne" I'll see if I can get it loaded onto my blog.

Love and Hugs,

BECKY said...

Wow Gal!! You will certainly be busy with all of those plants! I have been working hard inside, but do need to get outside and do some work myself. It has been crazy hot the last few days...if I don't get to it first thing, too, It will have to wait until the next morning!!

All of those flowers are so lovely!! Flowers and birds just really make my heart sing!! Oh AND the beach and the mountains!!

Love ya Bon!