Monday, June 28, 2010

A Simple Woman's Daybook~June 28, 2010

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So, For Today...Monday , June 28, 2010

Outside my window...The sun is coming up and it is going to be another hot day today. You can always tell by the fact that we did not get a complete cooling down over night and the air is very still. That always = HOT. Yesterday it was 101 degrees when I came out of'll be similar today. I am not a fan of hot but I am not complaining because at least it is not raining and dreary out. Yay!

I am thinking...that I am glad I am going to the dentist this morning after a weekend with a bothersome tooth. In all my years in dentistry I never had a bad toothache but this weekend ruined my good record. Ouch! I sense a root canal may be a part of my day today. I'm all for whatever takes the pain away!

I am thankful for..the fact that we have a kind and gentle dentist that was willing to come in over the weekend for me if needed and thankful I got by without a visit and just a phoned in script. Prayer helped keep it at bay and manageable. I'm also grateful for an unopened bottle of Vicodan and that Advil took care of it nicely.

From the learning room...that with only one more day of Jim's working, it all feels very comfortable and right and there are no second thoughts. He seems remarkably OK with it all and that is very heartwarming as I thought that he'd go out kicking and screaming...but not at all. It is good to know and experience the peaceful feelings of making the right decision when that stupor thought just goes away and you can move forward knowing it is right.

I am reading...Book 4 in the Zion Covenant Series by Bodie Theone. Jerusalem Interlude. And the Thornbirds and The Book Thief. This will make my book bag rather heavy for our get away to Yosemite!

From the kitchen...Not much going on in there right now. Looks like I will need to cook something for tonight. That will mean some kind of shopping this afternoon. Hope my tooth cooperates.

I am wondering...what it will be like to not have to get up at 4:00 am and how it will impact what I actually get done in a day? I am hoping it does not impact my writing which is very important to my sanity and well-being. I am also wondering how long it will take us to actually sleep past that middle of the night and stay in bed until at least 6:00 am??

I am hearing...Georgia On My Mind

Today if I could change one would be that we could attend Ross' baptism in Italy on his birthday, July 3rd. What a special day that will be and we hate to miss it.

I am quoting... "Perfectionism is nothing more than a form of pride, even though I often mistake it for “caring about others." It’s perfectionism that causes me to put on the verbal boxing gloves and berate myself for a lapse in judgment." Angela Nazworth

My spiritual thoughts include...the exciting thing about the Gospel is that it is constant and yet ever changing and fresh and new with each new experience we have. I never stop marveling about how the layers of it keep revealing more about us, our Father in Heaven and His amazing love for each of us.

Around the house...I need to prepare for our son's arrival tomorrow night. Chris is coming to spend a day hiking with his Dad on Half Dome on Thursday. He will arrive tomorrow night and we will have the whole day Wednesday to get there and get settled in Yosemite before the climb. I am excited as it is my first time to go to Yosemite which is a travesty considering I have lived in CA for 60 years of my life! I hope I can get some gorgeous photos while there.

I am missing...spending time with Ross on his 8th birthday coming up on Saturday. That boy totally loves his birthday and it is such a joy to spend them with him especially since mine is the day before it and we call each other our "birthday twin." He will be eight which is so special for kids in the church because they get to be baptized then and it is something they look forward to all their lives.

I am dental work doesn't take the whole day! If I get referred to an endodontist from my GP it may. This was definitely not part of the plan for the week.

One of my guilty current and licorice hard candies from Great Britain.

One of my favorite things...the beautiful trees around our home.

An enjoyable movie I have watched lately...Letters to Juliet...made me cry. It is one of those sentimental love stories...sweet. Amanda Seyfried is so beautiful. And Vanessa Redgraves is a legend.

I am curious our new daily schedule will develop and how it will be.

A few plans for the rest of the week...Getting the guest room in order, packing for our trip, gathering food for the hikers, getting the laptop from my brother so I can blog if I have time. Sending Jim off to his very last day of work tomorrow. Whoa, that sounds weird and exciting. Relaxing with Chris and Jim on Tuesday night, Wednesday, Thursday, my birthday on Friday, driving back and taking Chris to the airport and then dinner with Jim in San Francisco at one of our favorite places, The Beach Chalet. Saturday getting ready for our 4th of July family gathering and barbecue. Making my mom's famous potato salad. Sunday church and company. After the dental appointments, it will be a great week.

Here are 2 pictures and thought I am sharing with you...

I am glad to be taking this road with Jim. Actually it is more like we will be living in this intersection. I like this street sign because our retirement will not be couch potato fashion, but rather we will work, just in a difference, more freeing way and on our own schedule. Congratulations, Honey, on a brilliant teaching career spanning 40 years. I am glad you are finally coming home.

Carl and Orene Hopkins with Jim.
Orene was Jim's boss and mentor in the olden days.


Jen said...

Bonnie ... hope your tooth gets better so you can enjoy Chris' visit and time in Yosemite! Hope you have a great birthday!!

Julie Harward said...

I loved "letter to Juliet" also..can't wait to buy the DVD! Good luck with the root canals, I just had two done after suffering for 5 weeks with terrible pain in my face...I feel so good now though! :D