Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Half Dome view from out cottage... they are hiking
but and should be close
to down..another 2 or thee hours.
I will be very happy to see them.. Exhausted, sweaty and grinning.

Yesterday~Chris taking photos as
we entered the valley floor area.

There was not a single direction to look
that wasn't breathtaking!
I just love places
that make me feel small.
Yosemite zooms to the top of the list.

Having Chris here for this event
means the world to Jim!

It does my heart good to see them
having so much fun together!

Outside Our Cabin at the Ahwahnee Hotel

Half Dome from the area right in front of our cabin.

With a name like 'Ahwahnee,'
is it any wonder
there is
Indian rustic decor everywhere?

I can't say I'm lovin' this wild and crazy bedding.

A close up of the twig headboard??

Nice Bathroom

We even got a Rubber Ducky with
a ranger hat to play with in the tub!

Look who came for a visit.

After getting settled we walked around the big hotel for a while and oriented ourselves to the amenities it had to offer. The hotel is quite old and Queen Victoria stayed here once in yesteryear. It is rustic and odd combination ~ but it works.

It is also built on the GRAND scale.

We had dinner outside at dusk at the outdoor bar and grill. It was very nice to sit and relax under the canopy of ginormous trees and granite cliffs, feel the summer breeze, and swat at mosquitoes. Just kidding about the mosquitoes being nice. Actually...they are quite annoying. But we came armed with bug juice. It was lights out at 9:30 for the hikers. We were pretty tired, it was a fabulous first day! This is my idea of where camping meets comfort.


Caroline Craven said...

Catching up - I love the Yosemite pictures and I am thinking Kent and I should do this with Trevor and Kenna next summer, while we both have a tad bit of youth and strength yet. How far out did you have to make your reservations and where did you stay?

So sad to hear that Karen passed away, but I bet in some ways it is a huge relief for Jim and Sis. Christensen. Our thoughts and prayers are with them.

Deanna's little girl is so cute. I love that little swimsuit on her. So glad you had a fun 4th with family and friends. It is the best summer holiday. And a special belated happy birthday to you. I didn't know you were a summer birthday kind of girl. What day is your birthday? Mine was June 28th and it was the big 5-0. Not too happy about that, but it was better than turning 40, that one just about killed me.

LA Adams said...

Fantastic! I love watching from the bottom of the falls it is so serene and peaceful. Good job with the pictures, this is wonderful!