Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sweet Nothings

BJ's Cherries

There are so many wonderful blogs to read out here in cyberspace. I try to limit the ones I read because honestly, I could sit at this computer all day long. But time and good sense and balance all negate that idea so I try to be selective. Every once in awhile I change it up a little and add a new one to my list and today I want to share a great one with you. This blog is written by a really lovely lady named Jean...she goes by BJ.

There are so many things I love about her blog here are just a few. Her blog is so colorful. She changes things up often and her music is different just about everyday. She keeps her music thingy at the top of her blog sidebar for easy access if you want to switch hers off and listen to your own music. But I rarely do on her blog because I love to see how her music fits her posts so I turn mine off instead while visiting.

BJ loves to set a pretty table and enjoys cooking and posts a lot of fun recipes. I have decided I am a recipe junky...I love to read them and save them. Now I just have to get to actually making the delectable offerings I find on the internet one of these days. {{Retirement...26 more days!}}

BJ also has a very generous offer on her blog that allows you the use of anything you want from her blog. How often do we see that around the blogsphere? I have never seen it actually and I find it so refreshing and kind. And she takes lovely photos like these that just make me happy!

I loved this post yesterday about hanging out her linens in the bright sunshine. She takes the simple things and makes them special and she is a really fun lady! So stop on over for a visit with BJ. You'll be glad you did! You'll find her here!

Ahh, Cherries~It must be spring!

BJ has perfected the art of homemaking with a flair!

Thank you for the lovely photos and inspiration, BJ!


bj said...

I am just stunned that you would do this for me, Bonnie. I thank you so much and I am so delighted that I please you with the things I blog about. Thanks so much for liking me and my humble blog...I appreciate this all very much.
I do love came at such a good time in my life and it's become my #2 hobby...#1 being thrifting, don'tchaknow!! :))
Thanks again, Bonnie...
xo bj

Caroline Craven said...

I love the post, it's like flipping through a beautiful magazine only without the magazine laying around cluttering up the living room. I love cherries but I don't think we will get any this year. Remember my post last year about the tons of cherries and by the time they were ripe the birds had eaten all but a bowlful. This year the blossoms froze and I don't think we are going to even get a bowlful. I also loved the whites on the drying rack. One of the first things I had Kent do for me when we moved out here was build a clothes line for me. I was thinking something pretty simple, but his architectural mind took over and we have a very lovely line in our side yard. I love it, but don't use it as much as I should. I love the smell of air dried laundry, but don't love the wrinkles and stiffness. However, sheets are perfect out there. There is nothing I love better than crawling into my bed the day I have laundered and air dried my bedding - it's great. I think summer has finally arrived!

BECKY said...

Hi Bon! Thanks for introducing us to BJ!! If you like her I know I will! :o)

I really appreciated your comment about Sam's move. You are such a blessing to me! They are about 2 hours away from Nashville now, and will call when they are settled into their hotel room.

So strange thinking about having family get togethers and them not being there...definitely a first for my family. I am doing much better today! Thank you for your prayers and encouragement, my dear friend!

Hope you have a wonderful evening, Friday and weekend!

Lots of love to you!!

Marie said...

I am off to check out BJ Bonnie. Any friend of yours is surely a friend of mine!! xxoo