Friday, June 11, 2010

Random Cuteness

Rossie cramming himself into the
grocery store car one last time!
Not really made for big kid 7-year-olds!

There are always just some fun random photos of the kids and their busyness playing and having fun. These are a bunch of photos posted by Laura daily on her My Life in Pictures blog and some that the other kids have sent electronically.

This is one of the most wonderful ways they can make Gramma and Grampa feel a part of the kids' lives. I am so thankful for digital cameras, scanners, and computers. They literally shrink the world to a manageable size. Oh and not to forget the telephones...They have saved us from dying of loneliness for these little people and their precious parents that we love more than life itself.
Spencer and Rossie~Italian Coolness

These grandkids are on the go. Spencer and Ross will be coming back to America to live on July 15th. Piper and Julia are going to Scotland on Tuesday. Connor, Anyslee, Zach and Owen are all in Oklahoma right now. The only two staying put are Chloe and Hazie! It sure is a different world they are growing up in compared to when we were kids. There is so much mobility and so many opportunities to be had. We love their parents for giving these little ones so many memories.

Zach in the dog house.

Chloe Jane's...Yummy chocolate residue?

Piper and Julia complete today's art projects.
For the full story on this go here! It is really cool!

Connor leading out on an end of the year activity.

Piper going off the school~She is so Jen!

Spencer with the thing he'll
miss most about Italy.

Marguerita Pizza

Julia in one of her funky hats! Love it!

Chloe~Dog Sitting
Her Mommy's favorite way to
have a dog. This is today!

Julia and Chloe in the first two Jacuzzi tubs
with their friends! Simple pleasures!

Computer Time for Owie at the Library!

Packing Out of Italy~they have to live
for eight weeks without their stuff as
it makes its slow boat trip to Rhode Island.

Hazie with her baby kitten!

Julia~Parachute Dance at the end of school year.

Rossie with his short cast!

Rossie getting it off
If only it was that fast!

Sleeping Beauty~Miss Chloe!

Piper on the right with her friend Mitrian.
Love her new bob. She started the year
with waist length hair!

Hazie tries the slide!

Looks like a hit!

I can just hear her saying "AGAIN!"

Spencer in the middle of what
looks like The Scrambler with his friends.

Connor practicing his music.
He likes to do this for fun!
That = Success!

Owen's wheels

Pizza for our little Pirate!

Spencer with one of the Campbell
boys in Laura's seminary class!
What a great role model for the boys!

Julia and Aynslee playing with the new kittens!
Sleeping over to celebrate the end of school!
We just love having these sweet cousins
living so close to each other!
They are such good friends!

Miss Aynslee!

Zachary James Flyin' High!


Nellie's Cozy place said...

Oh Bonnie,
They are all so adorable!!
Truly enjoyed seeing their pics.
Loved Piper in her cute hat, Hazie sure seemed to be enjoying that kitten and the slide.........such fun, that is so great your children do that!!
You have a sweetly blessed weekend
my sweet friend,

Bonnie said...

Miss Jen said:

Wow! What a cute bunch of kids!

If you want to see the rest of the day of painting see Cara's site