Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Getting Here!

We left home after a comedy of errors yesterday morning around 10:30. Needed gas, Chris needed a watch battery, we lost our reservation info, the phone rang a few times, you know how it is, one thing after another but, we were not in a rush so no biggie. Most of the ride up was not that scenic but getting towards our destination it got better and better.

We stopped along the way in this tiny little town called Groveland, CA and had lunch. The place was a tea shop called Dori's Tea Cottage. They let me pick the place! Sweet!

Tea Time!

This is a pasta cole was great.
I forgot to take a photo before starting to eat lunch
How uncouth!

We all had a half sandwich and salad.
Not a lot for the men but everything was perfect.

It was so wonderful and just a tad bit girlie so the boys were humoring me quite a bit. Here in Jim holding up his pinkie as he sipped his iced, herbal Mijito tea.

Good sports~the food helped!

It was very good and tasted like flowers.
They had these cute little sugar
in various shapes and colors.

Are the boys having fun yet? Hmm, not sure but I was!

Chris took some photos of Jim and me and other things, but his camera is on Half Dome right now. They should be down in about 3 hours now. Whew! Still praying!

After lunch we finally got to Yosemite!

Here on the floor of Yosemite Valley I might be sitting in the most beautiful spot in the whole world right now. It has been described like that by world travelers for over a century. I cannot believe I have lived in CA all of my life except for 3 years and this is my first visit.

I am sitting in the beautiful Awhawnee Hotel playing catch-up on the trip. I still have to finish yesterday but I don't have the pictures from Chris yet. The room where I am writing is called the Solarium and is a semi-circular room with 20 foot windows around the perimeter. Windows any smaller could not possibly do the view justice. This is also the room used for the many weddings that take place at the Hotel.

This is not only a nature and outdoor sporting enthusiast's panacea, but is also highly lauded by the artists' community, photographers and writers, and all lovers of beauty. I have never had the pleasure of sitting in a more spectacular place to write. Everything about Yosemite is inspiring. More to come when I get all the photos sorted out in a few days.


Julie Harward said... fun for you guys...have a wonderful time there! I have never been there but the pictures I have seen are awesome! :D

Caroline Craven said...

Now I don't feel so bad for living there 14ish years and never once getting to Yosemite. Why weren't you up there climbing half dome with the boys? By the way, that little tea shop looked like a dream lunch get-away.

BECKY said...

So beautiful, Bon! I'm delighted to hear that you're experiencing a "first" and having fun with your men!

Love the pinkie sticking out! Something Randy would do! What he wouldn't do is settle for half a sandwich! HA!!

Hope you have a fabulous Fourth of July! Looking forward to more pics!
Love ya,

Sister Susie said...

Your picture is not uncouth! It just shows how much tastier your sandwich was! I'm so glad Jim remembered the pinky lift as well as no napkin tucked in the collar of his shirt, ha! It is so great to read of the fun you are having! Let me know if you meet Sam at Yosemite!
Blessings and hugs,

Nicki Craven said...

CUTE! I love the little tea parlor. Those are my favorite. There is a place in NYC called "Allice's Teacup" if you're ever in NYC {especially with granddaughters in tow} go there! It is so dreamy and lovely. Little girls get sprinkled with fairydust and the whole ambiance is this whimsacle, Alice In Wonderland dream land. So darling!

Deanna said...

I don't think you were "uncouth" at all! Jim and the pinkie finger photo was a riot..(I laughed aloud and woke up Marshall)..and I love the sugar cubes in the sugar bowl. What a sweet little tea shop!

Love ya,
Deanna :D