Monday, June 14, 2010

Up, Up and Away!

Piper and Julia

As I type this these two grandies are on their way to meet their Daddy in Edinburgh who has been there for a couple of weeks on business. Piper was born in Edinburgh when Jen and Lowell lived in Scotland eleven years ago. Lowell was there for a couple years on business and so our first grandchild was born very far away! So today she returns to her birthplace for the first time and lucky Julia gets to go too. She was born in the Royal Infirmary of Her Majesty or some such thing. Cool, huh? She truly is a Princess of Edinburgh! And Julia is the Duchess of Orem. The girls are 17 months apart in age and this is quite an adventure for them. And for all of us really. Jen and Lowell hired a flight attendant to accompany them through two layovers and plane travel time over 17 hours.

They have just taken off from Newark, NJ and will land in Amsterdam at about midnight, Pacific Standard Time and then in Edinburgh by 3:15 am PST. I have been following them via Flytecomm and that has been fun to watch their plane zip across the country today at 32, 000 feet and 586 mph.

Jen said they had a restless night so hopefully they will sleep a little. However, when they arrived at the airport this morning they found out several other children were traveling with them on the first leg of the trip at least so I am sure they are having a great time.

We sent them each a little wrist watch and the little purses they are wearing in the photo. I told them they can remind them of us giving them a big hug when they put them on.

God bless you on your way, Pipey and Jewels!


Julie Harward said...

They are both so cute! What an exciting journey for them to do together, that will be a memory! Come say hi :D

LA Adams said...

What a wonderful exciting memory to have for a lifetime. Good bonding moments for two good friends. I would love to travel to Scotland with my sister - I'll have to mention it to her!

Marie said...

Oh they will have such a wonderful time. What an exciting adventure for them both! xxoo

margaret said...

Piper was probably one of the last babies born in the old Simpson Memorial Maternity Pavilion (part of the Royal Infirmary) which is a most excellent place on the grounds that I was born there too :)