Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Have Ya Ever Been To Edinburgh?

Chloe's Souvenir from the travelers
~Love it!! The 'hair' is a crack-up!
Thought bubble..."My sisters went to
Edinburgh but I'm luckier, I got this fantastic hat!"

We really enjoyed this vacation vicariously of Piper and Julia's, our oldest granddaughters. Since Piper was born in Edinburgh eleven years ago she has been looking forward to returning to her birthplace. Lowell's work took him there this month and it was the perfect time for them to fulfill their promise to Piper to take her back. In a way Julia's beginnings are here too as Jen was 4 months pregnant when they returned to the USA. I have been to Edinburgh twice and Jim three times so these lovely places are so familiar. If you haven't been you may enjoy seeing some of their adventures around this beautiful city and the surrounding areas. Jim and I have dreamed of serving a mission here someday. We will start looking for that opportunity very soon.

Fashionable young ladies at the
Royal Botanical Gardens
always kept at the ready for a
visit from the Queen!

At the Pond in Invertleith Park near
the flat where they once lived.

The girls beach combing @ North Berwick

The streets of Edinburgh

The Monument to Greyfriar's Bobby
This little Skye Terrier kept watch over his
master's grave until
he himself died 14 years later.

Ice Cream from Luca's

Where JK Rowlings got much of her
inspiration for her early novels
as she sat writing while in the cafe and
overlooking Edinburgh Castle.

JK Rowling's home in Edinburgh,
she lives fairly close
our friend Paul's home
where Lowell and
the kids were staying.
The girls enjoyed Harry Potter
so this was fun for them.

Unfortunately this particular phone booth
does not descend to the Ministry of Magic!

Monument to Sir Walter Scott,
one of Scotland's favorite sons.
Under this huge structure dedicated
to him
sits this statue of him and his dog.

The Pilgrimage

The Royal Infirmary where Piper was born.

The street where they lived~
Dean Park Street

Piper and Julia in front of the building
they lived when Piper was a tiny baby.

The Scottish National Monument

Piper hugging one of the columns...

Flamingos at the Edinburgh Zoo

Julia loved the nooks and crannies of the castles.

Across the street from their old flat.

The Famous Princes Street~
very crowded on this day.

The girls at the National Science
Museum trying on Space suits!

On the town ~ Castle Street

View of the Castle from the gorgeous
Princes Street Gardens

Enjoying the scenery and taking photos!
Waiting for their lunch at Mama's Pizza!

Climbing, climbing, climbing~
The Castle Wynd Steps

The Cannon at Edinburgh Castle.
Mons Meg

The view from the top!

Check out the seat covers on this bus!

Loving the open air tourist buses.

Cute photos, Lowell!

Highlander all dressed up and sporting
a kilt
for the passersby and photographs.

A glimpse of Holyrood Castle where the
Queen stays when she visits Edinburgh.

The Castle where The Crown Jewels
are kept guarded and under glass.

The Castle from Waverly Bridge above
the rails and near the Waverly Station.

Old Town

St. Giles Cathedral in the background.

Royal Scottish Academy

Inside St. Giles Cathedral

Edinburgh Castle Entrance with Paul.

Piper and the guys!

Julia's turn!

A little window shopping...

The Plaza in front of St. Giles Cathedral
Piper once had her photo taken here with a bagpiper!

Heading for Paul's flat and some rest.
They had a fabulous time!

These photos are not any particular order...they were just selected from a group of many, many more pics! Thanks Lowell for taking us along! We had a lot of fun! We are glad you are home safe and sound. Loved the gift you brought Chloe! I have a feeling it was a winner in her eyes!


Caroline Craven said...

I loved the tour. I have promised Regan a trip to Scotland as her graduation present, and since she graduated two years ago from high school, I think she is due. I am planning on taking her there next summer for her birthday. She will be 20! I am Scottish by ancestory (maiden name - McAffee) and my dream has been to go to the old country and buy our tartan. I hear they are pretty expensive. My nephew is a firefighter in Idaho Falls and has learned to play the bagpipes, so I would love to get him a kilt in our family tartan - $$$. Great post.

Julie Harward said...

What a fun trip for these girls! And I loved the first picture..very cute! :D

Sister Susie said...

The "closest" I have been to Edinburgh is London! But, I have now had a grand tour with your blog! Fantastic pictures! Thank you for sharing them!
Blessings on you and yours,

mandy* said...

What a super fun post! The girls look like they were having so much fun!!!!!!

margaret said...

Looks like I don't need to take any photos for the Edinburgh Daily Photo for a while - I'll just come here and filch yours ;)