Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Owen!

It seems so hard to imagine that Owen is getting so big so quickly! Chris and Missy had a fun BBQ on Memorial Day and I asked Aunt Jen to try for some photos. I think she did very well considering getting his picture taken is not one of Owen's favorite activities. He is always on the go! He is the cutest little guy and his eyes are bluer than this shirt he is wearing.

Holding and coaxing him to smile sometimes helps.
Daddy gives it a go!

Good job, Aunt Jen...there a tiny one!

I asked Missy to send a few things about Owen right now. Here is what she said....

"So, Owen.... *He's a super picky eater right now...consisting mostly on chocolate milk. dry cereal, goldfish, and graham crackers.

*He's still the most snuggly kid we've ever encountered. Almost daily (or nightly, depending on your perspective) he crawls into bed with us and snuggles close to me. He's like a little barnacle.

*He's at the age where he's talking so much
more and has the cute squeaky voice.

*He loves to hang out with his big brothers and sister!

*He loves to be outside.

*He's a good helper.

*He has no desire to be potty trained.

*We love him to pieces!"

How's this for cuteness?

Love the water droplets in this photo!
And the Orange!
But mostly the little boy!

Have a wonderful, Happy Day, Owen!
Grampa and I love you very much
and wish we could play catch with your ball
and have cake with you today!


Caroline Craven said...

Very cute pictures - I see so much of Chris in him. Regan was always pretty camera-shy and on the rare times I would take the kids to get portraits done she would never smile. I have a bunch of portraits with her looking like I had just scolded her (which, I think I did once in an effort to guilt her into smiling - shameful, I know). Thanks so much for the kind comment on my blog about the bunnies. Happily we have moved on. I still wish those little babies would have lived, but I'm not crippled by sadness anymore. Trevor barely batted an eye when we told him - go figure!

Sister Susie said...

Happy Birthday, Owen! I know time goes fast. I had a former kindergarten student come visit me and he was 28 years old. I couldn't believe that many years had already passed!!! I think the more we can see our loved ones, it helps in slowing down the time, ha! When I hadn't seen this young man after he left my class, the years flew! Give Owen a hug for me!
Hugs and love to all,

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Morning Bon,
Thanks for coming by yesterday, good as always to hear from you.
Yes, parties take a lot of planning don't they, but they also get you motivated to get a lot of things done that have needed to be done for awhile!! lol Your Sunday School lesson sounds interesting!! Bet your class will enjoy it.
Owen is just adorable!! His eyes are gorgeous and he sounds like a real sweetie, and sure seems to be enjoying that pool.


nice post Bonnie! and will be praying you get all your decorations done, they are so pretty to make but time consuming as well, but worth it of course.
Have a fun day,
Love ya, Nellie