Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Blog Review

I just have to tell you all about this wonderful LDS woman I have met through the blogs. Her name is Marie and she lives in England. Each day her blog brings me such an uplift and I just know that many of you would enjoy her too.

I love reading Marie's blog because it reminds me that we are of one mind and one spirit with so many all over the world. As we all strive to be more like Christ we become more like each other. Marie blogs daily and she is such a talented writer and artist. Here is one of her sketches that she sells from her Etsy store online.

Just about every one of her posts includes a delicious recipe if you are loving that sort of thing. And who isn't? She did a post on Hot Cross Buns just in time for Easter.

You should drop over to Oak Cottage and get to know this lovely lady! You'll be glad you did!


Marie said...

Oh dear Bonnie. I am most humbled by your lovely comments about me. I am not sure I deserve them but I will take them anyways! Thanks so much sweet friend!