Friday, April 17, 2009

The San Francisco Museum of Science

The San Francisco Museum of Science has been under reconstruction and renovation for several years. It just recently reopened and the changes are pretty spectacular. We picked up Grandma Gloria and took off for The City fairly early in the day. Being Easter Vacation week it was pretty crowded which is one reason why I am not a big museum fan. You pay a lot of money to stand in big lines but that is OK...the kids enjoyed it very much.

The museum has a wonderful three story rain forest that I did enjoy very much although it was pretty humid. It was filled with beautiful trees and tropical plants and birds and the biggest surprise for us...there were many beautiful butterflies. The butterflies, in a rainbow array of exotic colors were landing on people. One landed in my hair and the next thing we knew one landed on the baby carrier right in front of Owen's big blue eyes.

Look closely on Christopher's back to see
the black and orange butterfly that has Owie mesmerized!

When we got on the elevator we were to look in the mirror provided to make sure we were not exiting with butterflies on us. The aquarium is really neat and under the rain forest. The floor of the rain forest is glass so you can see the people walking around underground in the aquarium. It was really cool from down below as well as up above. The kids enjoyed all the creatures and fish and the immense tanks are very tranquil. One thing that was unusual was an albino alligator along with the green cami ones.

The Entry to the Museum
flickr photo from an insider.
It was full of people when we walked in.


One of the two remaining attractions from the previous museum~
The pendulum measuring the rotation of the earth.

3 Story Rain Forest

Boy do I miss this kid!

Having a little moment with our son! Rare and really awesome!

The ceiling is the rain forest floor!

The bunny ears follows us everywhere!

Don't the kids look little?

Jim's Mom with her great grandkids~she is amazing for 82!

I don't know how it happened that we only have a couple
of photos of Missy's back and none of Grampa! Sorry guys!
Nice haircut, Missy!

The beauty of blogging and being behind..
you can add in a different day's photo!

On our walk back to the car to go for Pizza!


Faye said...

Looks like you all had fun. It gave me a new destination to add to my grandkids/entertainment list. Your grandkids are adorable! It truly is the best job ever. Thanks for sharing.