Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Wearing Orange For Stellan Today!


People all over the world are praying for this little baby today and wearing orange (his mom's favorite color) to show our support for his heart surgery this morning in Boston. See his story at <mycharmingkids.net>

San Francisco Bay Area


The Hopkins said...

What a beautiful couple!! Orange is definately your color!! I saw you over on Stellans' blog - you're famous! Thousands, maybe millions of people follwo that blog!

Bonnie said...

He survived the surgery and there is hope. Although one of his AV nodes was permanently damaged the other one works well. If he can make it to about age 4 they can put in a pacemaker. He is not out the woods by a long shot but closer than he was yesterday. God is aware and answers prayers. They have made it through this day and that is another miracle for Stellan and Jen.

And Lanette, thanks for thinking we look good in orange at 5:30 am! Awesome!

Marie said...

I think you look pretty good in OraNGE too. I had not heard of this little fella but have added him to my prayer list. Let's hope we can pray him out of the woods!

mandy* said...

That is so sweet!